Aryuna Poselenovawas a student

Great academy, I have learned a lot during short period of time

Marco Basilicowas a student

I'm very satisfied with this experience. Although I had working experiences as a developer, I learned and enjoyed a lot of new things for web development and, of course, I met great people. Thank this I made it possible to continue my career in Holland. So, it was totally worth it.

Nikolaos Ouveniswas a student

It was as intense as i imagined it, came out a better professional and a better person

Iulia Leancuwas a student

Even though I come from a very different background, I went into the traineeship program with confidence and hope after my admission interview. It was indeed a difficult switch for me, but after my first week at Codaisseur, I have to say it was all worth it! The next 5 weeks were a real roller-coaster of getting acquainted with new technologies and trying to finish up my projects. In the end, if you have the will and patience for it, it's all worth it! The progress you make within an ultimately short period is really measurable. Recommended!

Arjen A.B.was a student

If you want to join Codaisseur get ready for a hard time. But it is definitly worth it, you will learn a whole lot in a short time.

Andrei Burichitawas a student

As mentioned, nothing comes easy. This is a bootcamp and if you are not aware of what a bootcamp is, please look it up. Hard work pays off and that is the truth of it. I have had good and bad days but the Codaisseur team has helped me through and through. There is no doubt about the level of this bootcamp and I was one lucky person to have joined a great team, which by the end of the academy had given me the feeling of having a family. Support is always available if you wish it and the job hunt has never been easier. After one month I have already landed a job to which I happily go everyday. Switching to Web-development was one of the best decisions up to this moment.

Fong Kuowas a student

intense, but interesting

Natalia Khabibullinawas a student

Thank you.

Stefan Wullemswas a student

I cannot imagine myself being in the position I am in now without Codaisseur!

Ramon Hofmeisterwas a student

If you’re looking to make a deep dive into programming, Codaisseur is a perfect place to start. The pace of learning is great, but you must be up for a challenge. In two months I’ve learned more about programming than I could ever do by myself in half a year. From the first week you will learn how to work as a team with your fellow students. This doesn’t just simulate an environment that is close to a real job. But, you will also meet people who go through the same struggles as you. Learning and working together really helps in becoming a good junior developer fast.

Ana-Maria Iulia Iancuwas a student

Most challeging and exciting experience! The course is truly very intense and for 10 weeks coding is your only activity. I landed a job in 3 weeks after graduation and I can honestly say that applying to Codaisseur was the best decision!

Attila Aranyiwas a student

Codaisseur is a super intense and challenging way to get into the coding business, everyone who attends has to be well prepared. I was not... and I felt it. It was basically trying to catch up for 10 weeks, but I was a determent student and I'm a generally curious guy who is really into coding, so I survived. I know I still have a long way to go, but luckily I am working already as a Junior Full Stack Dev. so I learn while I am working on fun projects. Thanks all that to Codaisseur and my colleges who hired me. To future students: Learn Javascript(a lot) and practice it before the academy starts!!

Stefan Kollaartwas a student

"Getting job ready in 2 months" When you start programming for the first time, things are really hard. There's so much information out there, and to not get overwhelmed is really hard. At Codaisseurs development bootcamp, you get an package that's build for people who are starting. You get all the right information you need at that point in the bootcamp, which give you a clear path and the confidence to create something awesome. The fact that you're with a group of other people who are working their asses off doing the same thing, is really cool. It's also really helpfull that post-bootcamp, that community of teachers and students is still there to help you out. I loved my instructors, they know what you're going through and will help you when you get stuck. Not by giving you the answer, but by pushing you in the right direction. I would recommend everyone with interest in programming to join Codaisseurs bootcamp. You will not be disappointed.

Irene De Nicolowas a student

It was one of the most life-changing experiences so far for me. Thanks so much for making this possible!

Filippo Imarisiowas a student

The course was very demanding and to succeed as a beginner there is a lot of extra work to put in.

Paula den Oudenwas a student

"Excellent boot camp" This was probably the best decision I ever made. I really enjoyed the boot camp. The teachers are great, and the curriculum includes all the basics and more. It's definitely not easy, but that's also its strength. It gave me a very strong foundation and an introduction to new technologies that are quickly gaining popularity, and then set me free to find my own place. You need to be motivated and willing to put in a lot of time to complete the boot camp. The more you put in, the more you get out of it. In return you get all the tools to become a great developer, and a network to back you up. If you expect to be handed a job at the end, this is not the place for you. But they will help you a lot to find one, and you'll have the freedom to pick the place you want to work at. With their help, I made a successful career switch.

Johan Krusewas a student

I was given the chance to turn my hobby into my career, making my dream a reality. Even though I had prior experience, the stack they thought me opened my eyes on how things could be done differently and every day I was an experience richer. I loved the training so much that after graduating and saw Codaisseur had an open vacancy and it was a 'no brainer' to apply there. This has changed my life, not just a new page but a new book!

Ceferino Villalbawas a student

It has been a great experience and the best way to become a Developer. Codaisseur is full of nice, smart and social people. The bootcamp is intense but it is worth it, even if you do not manage to get through the whole bootcamp, the knowledge you get during those weeks is amazing. I just landed my first job as a Full Stack Developer and I cannot thank enough everyone at Codaissuer for helping me get here.

Emil Hellblomwas a student

Codaisseur is a very life changing experience, during the weeks I spent at Codaisseur I got to work on very challenging projects and met many interesting and like minded people. Finishing Codaisseur has given me the opportunity to move and start my dream career a in a new country right after graduation.

Lisa-Marie Dekkerwas a student

Heay but so awesome do have done this academy!

John Ekelmanswas a student

I learned a lot and made good friends. Group projects were very interesting and prepare you well for a career in the industry. The teachers are all very different and that makes it interesting. You really need to assimilate new things fast because the next day, you will probably go deeper in the subject. It's very important to stay focused and motivated. Especially the first weeks, because this is the base of the rest of the bootcamp. The real-world project was really nice to do as well! I think in the future it would be nice to support graduates even more on the job search, with a real recruitment platform for example. But it was a very good experience! I highly recommend it!

Yuga Wicaksonowas a student

It was an intense 10 weeks of coding. With a lot of hurdles to overcome. Sometimes I feel that we can use a little bit more of tutoring and guidance. But overall the academy provides you with strong enough knowledge base to land a job as developer. I found a job after 2 weeks of graduation, and so far I enjoy working at this company. So, thank you everyone at Codaisseur!

Alessandro Bresolinwas a student

Nice people enjoy every moment at this school. Colleges and tutors are awesome. But I wouldn't recommend it to people with no coding experience. The Bootcamp is very intensive and hard to go through but worth it

Tjin Zhie Au Yeungwas a student

I really like being a part of the Codaisseur community and help out with the training courses. Of course I’ve learned from the best inspiring teachers.

Anton Mladenovwas a student

Codaisseur is very hard. But it's times more returning on your time and efforts investment! For less than 5 months I was able to make the professional transition from business to development, meaning that I did went thru academy and found a paid job as a full-stack dev for less than 5 months - INSANE! Codaisseur is the best thing that can happen in your professional, and maybe even more important, in your personal life!

Neenu Kurianwas a student

The academy was a turning point in my career. It helped me in landing my dream job within short time.

Charise Walravenwas a student

It was an amazing learning experience, and I met many good people who are now my friends and community. 100% recommend!

Preeti Singhwas a student

I absolutely loved my codaisseur experience. I learned so much and challenged myself. Our class was great and the teachers were informative and helpful.

Joost Caliswas a student

I signed up for this bootcamp without having written a single letter of code in my life. Now 2 months later I'm working at a young startup, drowning in a whole new code-base but loving every second of it. I learned so much in such a short timespan but just as importantly, I've met some pretty cool people along the way.

Tom Burcherwas a student

I am so impressed with your whole team and operation. Not only is the business itself a fantastic model the course was great. The fact that you turned me ( codingSkill = null ) into a developer in 10 short weeks is a true testament to how fantastic you guys really are. Although I have a long way to go and there is always room for improvement I honestly have no constructive feedback for you other than keep doing what your doing. The teams energy is awesome and you can be really proud of what you have achieved.

David Kumruwas a student

Having had an almost life-long interest in computers and software, getting accepted into the traineeship program was an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded people, and to learn about real-world programming practices. With their interactive classes about the latest technologies, and by organizing fun group projects, Codaisseur ultimately helped me turn a hobby into a career.

Berat Reha Sonmezwas a student

It's a great experience to pursue the Codaisseur Academy, you learn a lot from the experienced team, and you get to sharpen your skills with the great guidance you need.

Lorenzo Grandiwas a student

When I was looking for coding schools in the Netherlands, one single data point made me go for Codaisseur: not all of the students make it to the end of the 9 weeks. This is unfortunate on one hand because it sucks to be rejected. On the other hand, it means that at the end of the school you'll have accomplished a great deal and you'll be ready to start looking for a job in web development. So don't make any plans for these 9 weeks, because you'll be at school during the day and you'll be working on assignments during the weekend. You'll be frustrated at times but you'll also get rewarded more and more as soon as things start making sense in your head. I recommend the school 100% - just don't assume you can make it to the end without fully committing to it ;) PS. I got a good job offer within 30 days from the end of the school.

Timmo Hagewas a student

A few months ago I decided I wanted to do something different with my life; Codaisseur gave me the chance to get my foot in the door of the programming-world. I had a great experience during the bootcamp, I met lots of awesome people and I was amazed by how my entire class evolved into legit developers. I’m glad to have their support for the next period because I just got offered a job within an awesome company!

Oksana Melnikwas a student

Academy delivers what it promises, but some approaches to teaching code seem ineffective to me (homework you expected to do by the example which is too complex for your level). If you don't have programming experience you would definitely benefit from additional materials on react/redux basics

Isabella Brookeswas a student

There are times where I found it super frustrating and tedious, but I did have prior experience. I found the later parts of it invaluable. Especially teamwork and realising I could help more junior developers. I really enjoyed my time here and made wonderful friends.

Jiri Swenwas a student

It has brought me a lot in terms of realising my own power as a developer. Not only do I now feel comfortable with the technologies we were taught as well as learning other webdev technologies that have a similar structure, but I feel as though I can get into / start any programming project and 'will figure out how to do this with enough Googling' etc (rather than facing a massive wall of 'not knowing what to do next'). Apart from this skills like coding in a team and applying for work have also been really valuable to me as this was my first experience with these things. The reason I gave it 4/5 and not 5/5 is that as a programmer that was more experienced beforehand, I feel like I paid money for some parts that I didn't really need (i.e. the first 2 weeks didn't learn me very much as they really went over the basics and, like, the coaching in the final stage I only needed a bit of in the beginning); and I dunno, just a lot of the other candidates probably got more out of it in terms of improvement because they underwent a much larger skill jump, and could make more use of the coaching that was available).

Stefano Durighellowas a student

For me this was the fastest way from corporate IT to technology startup. In addition to enhancing my programming skills, Codaisseur provided me with the understanding of the startup ecosystem and the agile thinking that is required to be highly effective in a young and disruptive technology environment. Besides exposing you to the software that will underpin future products and innovative business models, the multi-year curriculum ensures continuous connection with the wider startup community and its leading-edge ideas.

Adam Beltonwas a student

If you're interested in becoming a developer as quickly as possible and you're willing to put in the effort, you won't find a better opportunity than Codaisseur's web development academy. The curriculum is constantly evolving, the content is high quality and relevant, and the instructors are extremely passionate about teaching. The whole Codaisseur team is knowledgable and supportive, and you'll be joining a growing family of staff and former students, all of which are professional developers.

Alex Severinowas a student

The code academy at Codaisseur was a life changing experience from the beginning. From the codaisseur staff to the team spirit of the mighty 23 as well as intense learning, the whole process was intense and constructive. It has been a strenuous but inspiring ride. Thanks everyone!

Estabrak Al Ashtariwas a student

In a short time I learned a lot about UX Design and because of that my job opurtunitty became bigger.

Iris Bunewas a student

After taking the DIY approach for some time, learning PHP, I got the opportunity to enroll in a 5-week Web Developer Bootcamp at a really cool company in Amsterdam: Codaisseur. I finally had the chance to focus on what I really loved without distractions. For an entire month, it was a 10+ hour rollercoaster for 5 days (sometimes even 7) a week. I loved every second of it! It was not easy to learn how to code on my own but needless to say, this bootcamp was a dream come true. The best part of it all, I found an awesome job within a month after finishing!

Michael Andersonwas a student

I loved the course and can honestly say I've never learned so much so fast. My one suggestion would be to have a day spent on the command line and maybe some more time explaining set-ups, as this was something I ran into stupid issues with a fair amount. That being said, maybe there isn't a better way to lay this out in the time frame available. Thanks so much!

Jessica Paczuskiwas a student

I had already been learning to code on my own for a couple months when I came across Codaisseur. I was also new to Amsterdam and looking for a new career. Codaisseur gave me the experience and confidence to work in teams on large projects- something that would have been impossible for me to achieve on my own. Within a month after completing the program, I was contacted by a company. I’m now happily employed and continuing to get better at my job and learning awesome new things through my job and Codaisseur’s advanced training sessions.

Ward Verhoefwas a student

I started learning how to program all by myself at home. What I didn't realise until later was how easy it is to get sidetracked in the endless sea of information at your finger tips. After a few months I started to miss the connection with like-minded people that could motivate and help you out whenever you were stuck. Then I stumbled across the amazing Codaisseur team; everything I was looking for I found there. I even landed a very cool and challenging job straight out of my Codaisseur bootcamp!

Juno Burgerwas a student

Beforehand I never suspected that you could learn so much in such a short amount of time. Everybody you meet is eager to learn as much as they can and it motivates you to keep up and keep going. In a few weeks you feel a very positive group cohesion arise. What it comes down to is that, after Codaisseur, knowing I still have a lot of knowledge to gain, I feel ready to start this journey as a professional Developer.

Brian Lenswas a student

Before joining Codaisseur I had no idea what it would be like to work as a developer, but I was interested in tech and I went for it. Since then I've had no regrets. During the bootcamp I learned so much, that I’m now ready to work a dream job at Asics. Besides Codaisseur giving me the programming skills I need, they also taught me other aspects that are just as important when working in development e.g. working together in a team, the way to approach problems and more. For upcoming students: be prepared to work hard, learn a lot, enjoy the teamwork and land your dream job...after you put some effort into applying for a junior position.

Ziv Galiliwas a student

"A life changing opportunity!" When starting my journey with Codaisseur I didn't emagine I'd learn so much in such short period of time and at the end of the day also gain long life friends. What I enjoyed the most during the 8 weeks academy were the passionate teachers and the informal good vibe that Codaisseur had to offer. During the last week of the academy, we had given the opportunity to work on a real world project simulating work procedures with a client. At the end of that week you get the chance to demo the project (and celebrating the end of the course) in front of companies, friends and family. After finishing the course a lof of job opportunities has been opened up for me. With the help and guidance of coaches (thanks Matt) from Codaisseur I've landed a job with in 6 weeks after ending the course.

Anja Rupnikwas a student

Codaisseur Academy was an amazing journey. In two crazy months, full of hard work I learned more then I thought I am going to in such a short period of time and with no previous experience. Just one month after finishing the academy I got amazing job opportunity. The program is well structured and team is great and very supportive. If you want to place a job in web development, you should definitely take Codaisseur course since it provides you with enough knowledge to do so in just two months!!

Vince Liemwas a student

Good team, nice class. Unrestricted learning and working. Good job.

José Mesawas a student

Codaisseur gave me an excellent preparation on some of the most used technologies in the market, also a great first taste for working methodologies and collaborations. In an intensive and immersive way that definitely prepare you for the real world.

Abbas Alwashwas a student

Best experience ever. Always dreamed to become a developer. Codaisseur Academy has made this dream come true. Very educational, interesting and above all great experience.

Mariano Raccawas a student

"The Future" I took the course and loved it's intense pace and friendly environment. Then I graduated and got a job relatively quickly (in my case I wasn't even looking for one). So it is great for that. I was one of the first courses (3rd I believe) and I stuck around because I was curious of how the academy grew and the new graduates (also because I kept learning even after I graduated). As someone who looked into the future of the Academy and experienced it firsthand, I saw how they cared and improved very rapidly from course to course, even day to day. Nowadays, they learn a lot more newer and updated things and the style has grown even more efficient and friendly than it was before. I see a bright future in this academy and I recommend you be part of what learning should be like. You might even see me around at advanced class.

Sil Westerveldwas a student

Apart from a couple of bumps -- like mentioned previously in the feedback -- in general I believe the Code Academy is a very good way to get yourself in the starting blocks of a career as a developer. The curriculum is solid, the teachers are very good, and (although I've only experienced it for a couple of weeks) the support to land you a job is awesome. For me, Codaisseur gave me the crow bar to open up doors at IT companies, for a developer position.

Maurice Smorenbergwas a student

Since being accepted into Codaisseur's traineeship program my knowledge of programming has grown exponentially. The initial bootcamp provided me with a solid foundation, giving me the ability to further develop my programming skills. I continued to code at home and after a while I found my dream job as a junior software developer at a cool startup!

Rosiene Dillywas a student

After the bootcamp I can say that I learned more than just programming. I learned that with focus, dedication and commitment almost anything is possible! Thank you Codaisseur!

Swetha Amuruwas a student

I really admire the way Codaisseur crew train people in order to attain their dream. I acquired heavy hands on experience and loads of good friends throughout my journey at Codaisseur.

Katarzyna Cabońwas a student

Really liked the academy - teachers are competent and ready to answer any question, program is extensive and covers the latest on web development. Without the course I wouldn't be able to achieve and learn so much in such a short time.

Hajime Suzukiwas a student

I'm satisfied with most of the part of the curriculum. There could be more direction in the content: for instance in the later of the course, we had some days that we basically just researched course materials by ourselves and we didn't get many explanations why you would use certain libraries, etc. I prefer to get more guidance.

Annemarie Beemsterboerwas a student

The course was super difficult but enrolling was one of the best decisions I have made. I have learned so much and now I'm ready for my career as a developer.

Lee Freemanwas a student

"Probably one of the best decisions I've ever made" Programming is something I've had an interest in for a while, but I found that online learning didn't really get me to where I needed to be (employed!). When I saw the Codaisseur program online, I signed up immediately for the March cohort (after digging around online for any blogs about people's experiences on the course – and, yes, I kept my own blog too at if you want to read in more detail!) Other reviews give details of the curriculum (Ruby/Rails, Javascript/React, essentially), so I won't go into great detail but, suffice to say, there's some cutting edge stuff there, the teachers were excellent and the reader (online course materials) is a really valuable resource to refer back to. After completing the course, I found it quite easy to set up some interviews and accepted a position that I'll be starting next week (i.e. 5/6 weeks after the end of the course) with a company that saw me presenting at the end-of-course demo night. If you're considering signing up, remember that this is an intensive course. It will take up all your time for 2 months and you will be challenged (so start doing some preparatory work now!). I would not hesitate to recommend Codaisseur to someone who is committed to becoming a web developer.

Rogier Nitschelmwas a student

I always wanted to get my own start-up going so that's when I took a leap into the world of coding by doing some online courses. This was a great first introduction but there was still the challenge of building on what I had already learned and utilise those skills the current job market. That's where Codaisseur came in; at Codaisseur I learned so much by just doing. Furthermore, I was provided access to a great network of start-ups looking for developers and have since landed my first developer job.

Claudia Engelsmanwas a student

I've never had to work hard for anything in my education so far, high school and a bachelor degree were easy as could be with only studying the night before an exam. So I was completely unprepared when I suddenly had to work, and work hard for it at Codaisseur. They inform you before hand that it is hard work, but college said the same on my bachelor program. I learned some HTML and CSS before starting the program and that turned out to be a smart decision because they cover both HTML and CSS in one day and then move on. It was exhausting, complicated and they went fast. I spend my days paying attention and practicing and my train trips and nights reading, watching tutorials and practicing some more. I have to admit, I wasn't a natural at this, but my hard work, no social life and determination paid off. After 2 months I graduated and am now a super happy developer. I love it so much, next to my day job, I try to find some time to work on own projects as well. I can build stuff from scratch that didn't exist before I made it. How cool is that!