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Savoristas | The social network for flavour combinations

Thomas Dijkmans, graduate of Class 39 shows of his portfolio project made during the Codaisseur Academy.
Thomas Dijkmans
Student of Class 39 @ Codaisseur Full Stack Academy
19 August 2020

Savoristas charts the exciting universe of ingredients combinations. This web app allows visitors to create and share 'food palettes' - being colour palettes, but then palettes of colourful ingredients (you need to see it, really). Visitor can share recipes too, and palettes work as filters for the recipes. So if you like the apple & cinnamon palette, your favourite apple pie recipe is one click away.

Find out here for a working version

Table of contents

App demo

Used technologies and concepts

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New technology learned during this project

Goals for this project

The goal of this project is to build a full-stack app, practising known and exploring new technologies (see above). I learned these new tools independently by reading its documentation, consulting forums like StackExchange and watching online videos.

  • practice full-stack app development
  • build a working prototype in 2 weeks
  • apply what we learned in Codaisseur's bootcamp
  • extend with new technology independently
  • showcase and document development skills using:
    • wireframes as Minimum Viable Product
    • conscious data model design
    • user stories perspective
    • agile/kanban project approach
    • transparent and structured git version control

User stories

  • As a page visitor, I can sign up and log in as a user. I must register before I can post food palettes and recipes
  • As a visitor, I am able to see existing food palettes and recipes as a gallery
  • As a user, I am able to post new food palettes
  • As a user, I am able to post new recipes
  • As a visitor, I can see recipes of interest and get their details for cooking.
  • As a visitor, I can select food palettes and filter for corresponding recipes
  • planned: As a user, I can like recipes and foodpaletes
  • planned: As a user, I can bookmark recipes and foodpaletes

This project is work in progress. Some features still need to be implemented and revised. Any suggestions or feedback is welcome, please let me know here.

Project Board

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Go to wireframe

Data model

Go to datamodel

Git version control

I recognize the need for solid version control and try to:

  • write clear commit messages
  • name branches by feature
  • do pull requests with concise summaries

Backend server repo

The backend side of this project is an Express server using Sequelize to manage the underlying Postgres database. Click here for more details

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