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TravelFriends, find travel tips for your next destination!

Stephanie Bergman, graduate of Class 42 shows of her portfolio project made during the Codaisseur Academy.
Stephanie Bergman
Student of Class 42 @ Codaisseur Full Stack Academy
11 September 2020

The Project (TravelFriends❤️)

TravelFriends❤️ is an individual portfolio project that I've made after 9 weeks of coding at Codaisseur.

Travelling is my passion and that’s why a lot of people always ask me for travel tips when they go to a country where I've been. At the moment I don’t have a place where I store my travel tips so every time a friend asks me for a tip I have to try to remember what I did and where I went in that specific country.

On the other hand, if I go to a new country and I would like to have some tips myself, I don’t always know who of my friends already went to this country and who could have some good tips to share.

I want to be able to share my best travel experiences with my friends and search for their tips and that’s why I’ve created this app.

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Description of the project 🖌

The project is a mobile app made using React Native. You can search for travel tips and share your own tips with your friends.

Goal of the project 🥅

The goal of this project is to practice everything that I've learned in the past weeks at Codaisseur and also to learn new technologies like React Native.

What I've learned: 🤓

  • How to use React Native to create a mobile app
  • Run and debug React Native apps
  • Work with the core components and APIs
  • Build reusable components
  • Apply styles to components
  • Get input from the user
  • Publish apps to Expo
  • Write clean code

Starting the app 📲

  • The app is made with React-Native using Expo, so you need Expo to run the app on your phone or a simulator.
  • The server at TravelFriends-BE should run in order to fetch the travel tips and the rest of the data displayed on the app.

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