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Co_Do_IT | A social network and teaching tool for learning how to code in Javascript

Krisztián Csillag, graduate of Class 42 shows of his portfolio project made during the Codaisseur Academy.
Krisztián Csillag
Student of Class 42 @ Codaisseur Full Stack Academy
11 September 2020


Application Demo

🧑‍🎓 A social network and teaching tool for learning how to code in Javascript 🧑‍🎓

👇👇👇 Click on the picture to see it in action!👇👇👇

Table of contents

  • App Demo
  • Description
  • Technologies List
  • Purpose
  • User Stories
  • Document List
  • Back end

"Show me what you can do..."

Application Demo

Click here for the deployed version

"Now you got my attention, tell me more..."

CODO_IT is created by a passion to immediately teach newfound knowledge to others in a fun environment. Interested in _teaching your friends how to code? Or maybe practicing your already polished skills? How about challenging your best friend on a code battle? You will find your path on my dear app.

"How did you make this?

  • ReactJS
  • ReactRouterDom
  • Redux
  • Socket io 🦾
  • Express
  • Sequelize && Sequelize-cli
  • React Bootstrap 🦾
  • NodeJS
  • PostgresQL

🦾 These technologies I learned to use within a week

Used this front-end template to speed up development

Every misstep or lack of knowledge was filled in by every Junior Developers dear friend Google, StackOverflow, Youtube, Udemy and of course the Official Documentation of each technology

"Why did you make this?"

The goal is to add more fun to the already exciting world of coding, for those that find it hard to get into it. This project was also a test of my knowledge that I accumulated during the Codaisseur Academy as a soon to be Full-Stack App developer.

This project was a test to see what I can do in the following circumstances

  • practice full-stack web development
  • use what I learned at Codaisseur Academy
  • learn new technology on our own
  • showcase and document our development skills :
    • wireframes
    • data model
    • user stories oriented approach
    • agile
    • clear git version control

"So as a user what can I do?"

  • Battle with friends
  • Teach others
  • Own a profile
  • Practice Coding
  • Create New Coding Exercises as teacher

Click here to see already implemented userstories

"Now let's dive into some documents"

🗄 Backend

Link to the Backend repo of CO_DO_IT

Interested in joining the Academy?