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Yummy Start | Helping people to have a 'yummy start'

Jennali Leysens, graduate of Class 40 shows of her portfolio project made during the Codaisseur Academy.
Jennali Leysens
Student of Class 40 @ Codaisseur Full Stack Academy
25 August 2020


Click here to view the deployed version

Hello, I'm Jenna! This my portfolio project web application for my full stack bootcamp at Codaisseur.

About Yummy Start

Yummy Start is an app that helps people to have a 'yummy start' when it comes to healthy eating by providing recipes that show that healthy eating doesn't have to be boring and complicated! You can filter recipes by dietary preferences, meal type and search for recipes by ingredient. You can also add your own recipes to inspire others in their Yummy Start journey.

App Demo

User stories

  • As a user interested in eating healthier, I would like to view a list of recipes
  • As a user that is interested in making a specific recipe, I want to see the details of a recipe with ingredients, method, cooking time etc.
  • As a user that has specific preferences/needs, I want to be able to filter recipes according to meal type, diet and how popular a recipe is (likes/hearts)
  • As a user that has specific preferences/needs, I want to be able to search for recipes by an ingredient
  • As a recipe contributor, I want to be able to post a recipe so that I can share my delicious meal idea and inspire others
  • As a user I want to be able to like recipes and ‘favourite’ a recipe that is added to 'my favourites’ so that I can view it and make it at a later stage

Technologies used

  • React
  • Redux
  • Chakra UI
  • CSS
  • Cloudinary API

Goals for this project

  • Practice full-stack development
  • Practice working with external api
  • Apply what I have learned so far
  • Showcase a planned development approach of using a wireframe, uml and user stories
  • Practice disciplined git usage (good commit messages, branching and pull requests with summaries)
  • I plan on continuing to work on this app, expanding it with different technologies and functionality


Here is the Server Repository for Yummy Start.


  • Clone the app
  • cd into the project
  • Install dependencies using npm install
  • Start development server using npm run start

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