|Fully covered admission fee for applicants with a non-conventional background

How does it work?

Every applicant from a non-conventional background might qualify for a scholarship

Codaisseur is a proud partner of the Start&Code Program. Start&Code was founded by INCO in 2015. The program is financially supported by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. In 2019 INCO Academy will make scholarships available for 53 people that covers the whole admission fee of €800.

Who qualifies for the scholarship?

Any applicant with a non-conventional background in the tech industry could apply for the scholarship. There’s not a lot of diversity in the tech industry in The Netherlands. If you feel that your gender, background, education level etc. could be barrier in getting in to programming, you could apply for the scholarship. INCO considers every case individually and bases their decision on your background and motivation. Once accepted into the Codaisseur Academy, candidates are automatically considered for the scholarship if they qualify.

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Start Dates & Costs

Our payment plan is very simple.

The admission fee is €800 which is covered by the INCO scholarship if it’s awarded. If it’s not awarded you can choose to pay for the admission fee yourself.

The remainder of your education cost is €11.520. This will be paid by the company that hires you. After graduating from our 11-week course, you'll have a 3 month job search period. You will choose where you want - and don’t want - to work and you will work for these companies directly. If you are not hired within these 3 months, then we will bear the cost of your tuition fee. So No Cure No Pay!

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25 Aug 20197 Nov 2019
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5 Jan 202012 Mar 2020
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About Codaisseur

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Whether you are looking for a complete career switch, or interested in a week-long course about a specific technology. Our industry experts prepare you for a future in one of the most exciting industries to work in. We pride ourselves in the job guarantee that we offer on our 11-week program. We will invest in you, and work hard to get you there. Codaisseur graduates are the most hireable web developers because we share the same interest: If you succeed, we succeed.

Our Students

Annemarie Beemsterboer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Annemarie Beemsterboer

The course was super difficult but enrolling was one of the best decisions I have made. I have learned so much and now I'm ready for my career as a developer.

Meet Vince Liem

Frequently Asked Question

How does the interview work?

After you complete the registration (incl. motivation) you will be able to book a date and time for an interview. 

In principle the interview takes place out our location in Amsterdam. Applicants residing abroad can do the interview through Hangout. Details of the Hangout will be in your calendar item once the interview is scheduled.

At the start of the interview, you will be tested on logic, and basic knowledge JavaScript (based on the online course).

Thereafter you will have a chat with one of our staff members about your motivation to join us.

How do you select candidates?

We select candidates based on motivation and talent. During your interview, you will be assessed on logic and basic programming knowledge. Prior experience could be an advantage, but is not required.

What are your training times?

The Academy and Bootcamps are full-time,Monday to Friday for the duration of the training. Class times are from 9:30am to 6:00pm-ish. Please note that you have homework outside of regular class times.

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