What would you build with a free product team?

Codaisseur's Real World Projects Program

Do you have an idea for a web or mobile app?

The next Uber or Facebook? Or do you have a non-profit that needs an MVP? Let us help you get started — Yesh. For Free!

Run an experiment, launch a new product or service; apply for our ‘Real World Project’ program!

Show us your research, sketches, business plans, etc. Anything that would help us select your project over the other contestants, as we will only be able to take on a few projects.

What RWP Participants are saying...

"Getting this team up and running was the easiest thing. So eager, enthusiastic and willing to learn. I couldn’t have imagined how much they had accomplished during this week. Delivering way above expectation. Making my vision come to life in collaboration with these students made my summer."

-Douwe Wester, LeanUp

"In the real world project; I had the pleasure to pitch an idea, which involved a slack integration with a CRM API and the guys were eager to start and started coding away. With the guidance of the teachers, they were quickly put on the right track and able to deliver a testable MVP within 5 days"

-Aik Deveneijns, LevelUp Ventures

How does it work?

Let’s do a design sprint and build a prototype with you!

You’ll have a team of motivated juniors at your service, they will consist of 1 or 2 UX designers and 3 to 6 front and backend developers.

We’ll do it for free; but it will not be cheap:

  1. With one of our seniors we will plan the briefing and customer/user requirements,
  2. The designers and developers will work with you on a design sprint; they will research, sketch, storyboard, prototype and test the solution,
  3. The designers will then facilitate the development of the actual Minimum Viable Product, which will be demoed to you plus a crowd of enthusiasts, colleagues and friends.

Doing a design sprint will make sure you get what you need, and it will help speed up the process coding your app.

The Planning Phase 📝📈

One of our senior designers or developers will sit down with you and the students to plan a Roadmap for the project. In this phase, we will decide the minimum to deliver, how to build it, and (also important!) what not to build. Everything that is related to product management.

The Design Phase 📋🔦

The design sprint we’ll do is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with user and customers. Developed at Google Ventures, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a battle-tested process a lot of teams use to design great products.

During the design phase, we ask you to be around as much as possible so you can influence the process in a positive way.

We understand you can’t be there for all the time, for the voting and deciding you need to be there. That’s why it helps if we host this session in your office or coworking community. You can invite your team and internal experts; we can get external experts on board. The developers will also be in this design sprint so they can ‘own the process’ during the developing phase:

The Building Phase ⚙️💻

The students will work on your project for one week during the last part of their 10 week academy. This should give them the time to set up a basic version of your product. It might be that they will want to work on it more in a later stadium, the product will be very basic but it should work and it should be out there and shipped.

At the end of the 2 weeks, there will be demos and drinks in the Codaisseur office.

The Looking-Back Phase 👀♻️

The week thereafter, one of our seniors will sit down with you and your team to discuss how things went in a Retrospective meeting. or Ideally, you will be available for that meeting too. What could be the next steps for the product you developed, or when do you want to do another ‘Real World Project’ with us for a new experiment. ;)

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Run an experiment, launch a new product or service; apply for our ‘Real World Project’ program!