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[Press Release] The digital skills gap is huge. Codaisseur is going to close it.

Amsterdam based code academy focuses on the blind spot in traditional education and helps companies hire the qualified software developers they need.
Wouter de Vos
This article is a copy of a press release that was sent to various media end of April 2019 to celebrate that the 250th graduate from our Code Academy got hired.The demand for web developers in The Netherlands is huge. The European tech sector is booming and grows a lot faster than in other sectors. According to the yearly The State of European Tech report, Amsterdam grew into one of the 3 biggest tech hubs in Europe, together with London and Paris. The tech sector grows so much faster than other sectors and with it the demand for well-trained developers. This remains a blind spot in traditional education. Codaisseur offers a solution and provides the demand for developers. This week, the 250th graduate got hired."Waar traditioneel onderwijs het al jaren laat afweten, helpen wij het ene na het andere bedrijf aan goede developers", zegt Codaisseurs CEO Wouter de Vos. “De onbekendheid met programmeren en computational thinking is groot, maar we zijn begonnen met een inhaalslag.” Drie jaar geleden richtte hij samen met compagnon Rembert Boom Codaisseur op."While traditional education continues to neglect the demand for developers, Codaisseur answered the call and helped many companies hire excellent developers", says Codaisseur's CEO Wouter de Vos. "Computational thinking is an unfamiliar skill to most, and we put ourselves on a mission to fix that." Three years ago, he founded Codaisseur together with his co-founder Rembert Boom.
A junior developer in 11 weeks
Codaisseur prepares students to be junior developers in 11 weeks. The course is not free of charge, but as a student, you do get a job guarantee. If you can not complete the course, or if you can not land a job after graduation, you do not pay for the course. "Other educators, even traditional higher education, provide people with a diploma. We provide people with a job. After 2 weeks in our course, you think code, you dream code, you are code."
Over 200 companies hired graduates from Codaisseur
If the training does not work out, you do not pay for it. If it does, your employer usually picks up the tab and pays the remaining tuition fee in installments. That is the idea behind this Academy. "Organisations are willing to invest in juniors. Because of that, Codaisseur can offer the course for a small fee to students. The 250 graduated developers found work at over 200 companies, varying from startups to established corporations”, Wouter says.
From 250 in 3 years to 250 in 1 year
Codaisseur is growing fast in a market with new competitors entering every day. That is why, from July onward, Codaisseur will run a 3rd parallel class with max 20 students each time. While the first 250 students found work in three years of operation, the same amount will find work in 2019 in just one year. "We started something, but we are also just starting out."
Education is far behind
Our growth is closely related to the digital skills gap, says Wouter. "Shockingly, traditional education remains out of sync with the demand for technical skills. If students are not prepared for the current state of affairs in our society, then what is the point of it? It is so often we read stories about new initiatives in education to replace the old printed syllabi, but in practice these turn out to be exceptions. The vast majority of students in traditional education are not trained in even the most basic programming skills."
Job guarantee contributes to quality
And so Codaisseur flourishes. By training people to work. "The job guarantee is our guarantee for quality. Only students who get to the point of graduation in 11 weeks are trained, because only those students are interesting to their future employers. They are the people who can learn the necessary skills in a short time, and most importantly, learn to continue to develop themselves independently after they get hired. This ensures us and our hiring partners of Codaisseur graduates that are relevant for the job market", Wouter states.
Up to date and cutting edge
"With our short, intensive courses we are closing the digital skills gap as fast and effectively as we can. Our curricula are cutting edge and are continuously revised and updated to match new developments in the industry. Our teaching practitioners practice what they preach."
Our metrics prove this works
"Our metrics prove that our solution works", says Wouter. Out of all Codaisseur's graduates, 90% found a job. And most importantly, they did so within 51 days. "Our classes show tremendous diversity. Students are signing up from all over the world and while major competitors in this market strive to train 25% women and failing to reach that mark, we have consistently seen 40% women in our classes here at Codaisseur. That is remarkable in a sector where 10% has been the industry standard persistently for years. We are very proud of the fact that people of all backgrounds decide to join us."
Taste of Code
"It is our mission to increase programming skills. Via our courses, obviously, but also by introducing people to what programming is and which technologies hide behind every day tools and apps. An example of this is Taste of Code, a workshop about the most skills right now for which people can sign up free of charge. The next ToC is on the 1st of June." [sign up here
250 hires
Izabela Nowosada is the 250th graduate to land a job. "I’m originally from Poland, living in Amsterdam since 3,5 years. When I have decided to change my career and become a developer, I found Codaisseur being the perfect solution for me. Why? Because of their modern curriculum, guarantee to find a job after and the course’s costs being covered by your future employer. Not only I have learned modern programming and was prepared to join a professional development team in 11 weeks but also got a fantastic job almost immediately after graduation! I’m starting in May at Fixico, as a Frontend Developer and I cannot be happier with my new employer, team and the position!" she said about CodaisseurAs cliche as it sounds, Codaisseur changed my life. Apart from the coding skills, I have learned at Codaisseur that everything is possible, it’s just a matter of motivation and hard work!"

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