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[Press Release] Codaisseur helps unemployed people in 50+ age group with IT skills and career prospects

With the support of Google, Coursera and INCO, Codaisseur stimulates the diversity of both the tech scene and the Dutch economy by educating groups of people who traditionally fall outside the IT spectrum
Wouter de Vos
06 May 2021
AMSTERDAM - About 400 people who have become unemployed as a result of the corona pandemic can follow a free training program in IT support at Codaisseur. “With this training, participants are taught IT skills that make them interesting for sectors where the demand for IT personnel is high,” says CEO Wouter de Vos. Codaisseur offers the training with support from INCO, Google.org and Coursera.
The Work in Tech training program is an initiative of the international organization INCO Academy, which is offered in various countries through local partners. The online training is hosted on the Coursera platform. After completing the training, participants receive a Google IT Support Professional Certificate. Codaisseur recruits participants, provides them with tools and guides them both during the course and afterwards in their job search.
IT skills for the over 50sThe free Work in Tech training program has room for about 400 people who are out of work. Codaisseur has the objective that 50% should be in the 50+ age group. “This group of people has a lot of trouble finding a new job. But their knowledge and experience are extremely valuable in other sectors, especially in combination with new skills, ”says De Vos.
Technical skills for a broad audienceThe program aims to educate a broad audience of technical skills and thereby diversify the technical workforce. In the course, participants learn skills for a career in IT support, such as:
  • Problem-solving and customer care;
  • Networks;
  • Operating systems;
  • System management;
  • Security.
Diversity of the IT workforce“With this program, we can kill several birds with one stone,” says De Vos. “First of all, we offer participants in this program career perspective, in a sector that you might not directly associate with this group of job seekers. In addition, we want to contribute to more diversity in the tech sector. Our classes are already characterized by great diversity. Our students come from all over the world and 42% of them are women. With this program, we are now introducing more diversity in age groups. The tech sector can use that well. ”
Training for a job in techIn addition to Work in Tech, Codaisseur is working with the Dutch government to further train people in various tech domains. The 'Nederland Leert Door' courses that Codaisseur offers include Learning to Code, Build your own AI, Ethical Hacking and A Taste of Tech. These courses are intended for beginners, completely free and only available in Dutch.