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Why Hire Our Graduates?

Tough selection + Demanding training = Job-ready professionals.

Rigorous Selection

Our rigorous selection process is designed to accept into our bootcamp only those students who can become outstanding professionals. 35% candidate acceptance rate.  75% graduation rate. 92% hiring rate.

The Talent You Need, When You Need It

Every 3 weeks, a group of developers with experience in the most sought-after skills on the job market (HTML & CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, APIs & Security, Typescript, GraphQL) graduate from our bootcamp.

The Recruitment Process Can Be Easier

We know how tough it can be to find the right tech talent. That’s why our Career Services team helps you with tailored services to make it much easier. Become an official Codaisseur hiring partner to make full use of these services for free.

Passion and Motivation

Our students took on a big challenge and embarked on a great adventure when they joined our bootcamp; most of them quit their jobs before starting the Academy. Their commitment to learning and becoming developers is undeniable from the day they step into our office for their admission interview. 

Social Impact and Diversity

Our mission is to fill the talent gap in tech companies, making IT education accessible to everyone. That’s why our students only pay a small admission fee, but work very hard to graduate. The rest of the cost of their training is covered by their employer (or themselves) once they are hired as developers. 

So far, we have welcomed students with over 35 nationalities (and counting) and all kinds of backgrounds (including tech) into our bootcamp.

Moreover, we take great pride in the fact that 40% of our graduates are female. 

Cost & Contact

Interested in working with us or interested in hiring developers?

The tuition fee is € 11.520, evenly divided over 24 monthly installments, which we only start charging when you hire one of our graduates.

Can I carry this tuition fee? Yes, absolutely! Like 90% of our hiring partners do, you can take the tuition fee upon yourself and benefit from the tax break.

Happy employee and happy accountant, score!

Do I have have to? No. But then please offer your employee a salary that allows them to pay it off themselves.

Contact Us

Want to learn more? Want to ask us questions? Then Download our Partner Benefits Program or contact us!

Below, you can see the profiles of Codaisseur graduates who are currently open to new job opportunities. See some grads that might be perfect for your company? Ask us for an introduction at partners@codaisseur.com!

What Our Partners Say About Us

Ruben Timmerman – Founder at Springest

Ruben Timmerman – Founder at Springest

Meet Aniek Hartlief – HR & Talent Acquisition Manager at ViriCiti


How can I get in touch with your Graduates?

You can either ask us to share a link to your vacancy with our Graduates or to introduce you to individual candidates you select from our talent pool.

You are also welcome to approach Graduates yourself. In the "Our Talent Pool" section, they've all shared their current residence, preferred stack, as well as links to their Github and LinkedIn profiles.

Do I pay any tax on my employee's tuition fee?

No, as an employer you can pay for your employee's tuition fee free of any taxes(no salary tax, no VAT, no profit tax). Training costs are subject to the "Werkkostenregeling" (WKR), but excluded from the "forfait". See Handboek Loonheffingen under 20.1.3 (p.222), available here.

What do your students learn?

During this 11-week intensive program, students learn to build complex websites and even multiplayer games with databases, APIs, and modern front-end technology. Our curriculum is based entirely on Full Stack JavaScript. Furthermore, our students' project workflows include code reviews and quality assessments, standard practices such as TDD, basics of product development, UX design, Domain modelling and team collaboration using standard tools like VS Code, Git, Github, CI, and Slack.

Want to learn more? Want to ask us questions? Then Download our Partner Benefits Program or contact us!

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