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Why Hire A Codaisseur Graduate?

Tough selection + Demanding training = Ready professionals.

The Code Academy of Codaisseur is a very intense and high demanding training course aimed to teach developers full-stack JavaScript with modern frameworks. After a strict selection procedure in which only the best applicants are selected, the students go through an 11 week course in which they learn everything to become a professional web developer. The students learn how to write code in a professional way and are familiar with sprints, working Agile and Scrum.

With over 500 hours of coding, three group projects and seven evaluations, only the most dedicated and highly motivated students graduate from the Academy. The graduation rate is 75%.

Our graduates possess the following skills but are not limited to:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Functional Javascript
  • React
  • Redux
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • APIs & Security
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL

Codaisseur Mindset


The students went on a big adventure; most of them quit their job before starting the Academy. Their commitment to making it work is visible from the day they stepped into our Academy.


We have welcomed people from over 35 nationalities (and counting). 40% of our graduates are female.


Most of our graduates have work experience; we have seen it all. From a doctor to a lawyer, from musician to historian. Yes, we train people to junior developers, but these people aren’t junior in life.

Cost & Contact

Interested in working with us or interested in hiring developers?

The tuition fee is € 11.520, evenly divided over 24 monthly instalments which we only charge when the graduate finds employment.

Can I carry this tuition fee? Yes! Like 90% of the hiring partners do, they take it over off their employees and benefit from the tax break. Happy employee and happy accountant, score! Do I have have to? No. But please, offer your employee enough salary to pay it off themselves.

Contact Us

Want to know more about the tuition fee and hiring a junior developer?

Feel free to reach out via +31 85 888 8259 or send us an email at talent@codaisseur.com

Below you will find the profiles of Codaisseur graduates who are available for hire. See some grads that might be perfect for your company? Why not ask us for an introduction.

Meet Our Partners

Ruben Timmerman – founder Springest

Ruben Timmerman – founder Springest

Meet Aniek Hartlief – HR & Talent Acquisition Manager at ViriCiti


How can I get in touch with your Graduates?

You can either ask us to share a link to your vacancy with our Graduates currently looking for work, or ask us to approach individual Graduates selected by you from the list in the 'Our Hireables' section. Also you are welcome to approach Graduates yourself. For your convenience we listed their names, current residence, preferred stack, as well as links to their Github profile and LinkedIn.

Do I pay any tax on my employee's tuition fee?

No, as an employer you can pay for your employee's tuition fee free of any taxes(no salary tax, no VAT, no profit tax). Training costs are subject to the "Werkkostenregeling" (WKR), but excluded from the "forfait". See Handboek Loonheffingen under 20.1.3 (p.222), available here.

What salary can I expect?

Salaries for your first contract range on average between €2,300 and €2,400 bruto. On top of that your employers pays off your training directly to Codaisseur. In situations where the employer is not paying for your training on average your salary is between €2,500 and €2,600.

Factors that may impact your salary include: your skill level as a developer, the company and industry that you will work in, your previous other (professional) experience. As such we have seen exceptions on either side of the spectrum. Expect your salary to increase soon as your experience and skillset is growing and with that your value to your employer.

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