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As a professional web developer, there is always a new technology of the future around the corner. Something to research, learn, or evaluate against what is currently being used. You need to know how or when to implement these into an existing application: designing, building, securing and maintaining an application as you add to it.

This Bootcamp provides this information, tackling new technologies in the world of full-stack, typed JavaScript in the functional style, favoring composition over inheritance.

We will focus on crafting applications with React and integrating additional technologies such as GraphQL, Redux, Websockets, and even React Native, as we develop a complex, production-ready application.

We also offer this course in-company. Contact us if you want to enrol with your colleagues.

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What You'll Learn

We cover everything that is needed to build rich applications.


Databases and Backend development with NodeJS

Learn to build RESTful APIs with the popular Express framework. Hook everything up to a PostgreSQL database for data persistence.

Full Stack Web Development

Connect the dots between Front-end and Backend

Learn to connect your React UI (front-end) to your Express APIs (backend) to build a scalable, full stack application with NodeJS.

APIs and Logins

Better safe than sorry

Learn all about logins and APIs

Advanced SQL & Deployment

Get the most out of your database

Learn to write powerful database queries to patch, aggregate, and fully bring alive the data in your database and learn all about deployment.


How not to get hacked

Learn to exploit, mitigate, and test for common security pitfalls when building web applications. Hacking exposed!


Our costs for a week of coding

The Full Stack ES6 Bootcamp costs €2399, there is no VAT applicable.

Upcoming Start Dates
20 May 201924 May 2019
24 Jun 201928 Jun 2019
29 Jul 20192 Aug 2019


What you need to know to join our bootcamp

This bootcamp is the follow-up of the React & Redux Bootcamp. If you have not completed that, but still have some programming skills, we might still accept you as a student. Please contact us and we will schedule a call with you to determine your current level. There is a good chance that we ask you to complete some pre-work before we accept you.

All of our classes are taught in English. You should be able to converse effortlessly in both technical and non-technical discussions, and read and understand technical materials.


How do the Academy and Bootcamps compare?

The Codaisseur Academy is a 10-week program. Sections of these 10 weeks can be attended separately via our Boot camps. The Javascript Bootcamp (beginner) is the same as week 1 of the Academy program. The NodeJS & React (intermediate) boot camp and TypeScript & GraphQL (advanced) boot camps correspond to weeks 2 and 3, and week 5 and 6 respectively. Weeks 4, and 7 to 10 of the Academy are composed of individual and group assignments.

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