Your kickstart into coding

In this bootcamp, we will focus on: HTTP and networking, frontend/backend architecture, creating a REST API (server), relational databases and SQL basics (postgres), designing a data model, relations, migrations, and connecting a web server to a database.

We also offer this course in-company. Contact us if you want to enrol with your colleagues.

What You'll Learn

We cover the whole backend process from the database setup to defining endpoints to interact with your server.


Don't lose your data! Add a database to your app and the sky is the limit!


Are your App users allowed to do what they're trying to do? It's time to make sure only those with an admin role can access your control panel.


Docker is a tool to create, run, and share containers. It has brought containers to the masses, which allow you to isolate a program in its perfect environment.


Database Whisperer......learn how to talk to databases with this Query Language.


Manage your database like a pro! Learn to store, organize, retrieve, and aggregate data from the most advanced types of relational databases used in the industry.


Our costs for a week of coding

The Databases and REST API Bootcamp costs €2399; there is no VAT applicable.
Upcoming Start Dates
16 Mar 202020 Mar 2020
27 Apr 20201 May 2020
18 May 202022 May 2020
8 Jun 202012 Jun 2020


What you need to know to join our bootcamp

This bootcamp is the follow-up to our React and Redux Bootcamps. If you have not completed those, but have some programming skills, you might still get accepted as a student. Please contact us and we will schedule a call to determine your current level. There is a good chance that we'll ask you to complete some pre-work before we accept you.

This is what you need in order to join: some experience with javascript programming, using node, libraries, functions, promises, basic terminal usage, and making an express server.

All of our classes are taught in English. You should be able to effortlessly participate in both technical and non-technical discussions, as well as read and understand technical materials.


How do the Academy and Bootcamps compare?

The Codaisseur Academy is an 11-week program, while our bootcamps are 5-day sections of these 11 weeks that can be attended separately.

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