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How Codaisseur is adapting to the Covid-19 outbreak

Remote teaching & discounts on all training programs
Team Codaisseur
The Corona virus affects us all in our private and professional lives. It affects the way we gather around each other as social creatures. It affects our economies. It affects the way we learn and teach at Codaisseur. And it affects our search for a job after the Academy. The recent Covid-19 outbreak forced us to switch to online teaching and learning overnight. Truth is, we have put a lot of thought and some practice in how we would teach online over the years, but we never had to fully rely on it like we do now. We have great respect and gratitude for our students and teachers who made the switch to a fully online Academy so smoothly.
All teaching is remote and that means the following:
  • At least one dedicated teacher per class per day
  • Live lectures and live coding
  • Online individual mentorship & debugging
  • Daily stand-up with the whole class
  • Remote group projects
  • At least one teaching assistant per class
  • Online Career Accelerator Programme

"We're offering a 25-35% discount on the tuition fee for the online course"

Full-Stack JavaScript Academy with Job Guarantee
  • 25% discount on the tuition fee | from € 11,520 to € 8,642 (paid by the future employer)
  • 29 monthly installments | € 298 p.m.
  • €800 admission fee