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Learn useful skills in just 1 day.

Are you interested in learning to code but don't know where to start? Our workshops are the best way to get a 1-day full immersion into the basics of web development.



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Learn new skills in just 1 week

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Learn useful skills.

You'd be surprised what you can accomplish in just 1 day!
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Experienced teachers

Our teachers are senior developers who also master the art of teaching.

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Access to online learning environment

Our learning platform is filled with fun assignments, easy to digest theory, and much more!

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Cutting-edge technologies

Learn to use the newest technologies and libraries on your own application.

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Online class setting

You'll be surrounded by other ambitious developers!

All our workshops.

We love to introduce people to the wonderful world of code!
1 day


Dive into the fascinating world of code with us! During this 1-day workshop, you'll build an online game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Sign up for our immersive beginner coding workshop and learn about the most wanted skill right now. Taste of Code is free to attend and always on a Saturday!

1 day


During this workshop you’ll learn how to set up a well tested codebase. We will explore two facets of testing, Unit Tests and UI tests, using Jest, which is one of the most popular testing libraries available for Javascript.

1 day


Mobile app development was never this easy. Learn how to apply your existing knowledge of React in the “learn once, write anywhere” paradigm. Get hands-on experience setting up a React Native mobile app, interacting with the phone’s sensors, animations, and the community standard navigation library.

1 day


GraphQL is the popular modern alternative to traditional RESTful APIs, and is shifting the balance of responsibilities between frontend and backend in the world of app development. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to setup a backend GraphQL service based on Hasura, and then use the Apollo library to fetch data from it into your React application.

They loved Codaisseur!

More than 350 awesome coders found a job after Codaisseur!
Adam Beltonfoleon logo

Adam Belton

Accounting Assistant to full-stack developer

The curriculum is constantly evolving, the content is high quality and relevant, and the instructors are extremely passionate about teaching. The whole Codaisseur team is know [...]

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Anja Rupnikde bijenkorf logo

Anja Rupnik

Professional dance to front-end developer

Codaisseur Academy was an amazing journey. In two crazy months, full of hard work, I learned more then I thought I am going to in such a short period of time and with no previ [...]

stars review iconstars review iconstars review iconstars review iconstars review icon
Ana-Maria Iulia Iancuevbox logo

Ana-Maria Iulia Iancu

Marketeer to front-end developer

Most challenging and exciting experience! The course is truly very intense and for 10 weeks coding is your only activity. I landed a job in 3 weeks after graduation and I can [...]

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Attila Aranyibrendan & mackenzie

Attila Aranyi

Sous chef to web developer

Codaisseur is a super intense and challenging way to get into the coding business, everyone who attends has to be well prepared. I know I still have a long way to go, but luck [...]

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11 weeks


Our intensive 11-week JavaScript Academy will set you up for success as a full stack developer. No technical background required!

April 19, 2021

ends July 1, 2021

May 24, 2021

ends August 5, 2021

1 week

beginner - advanced

Learn new hard skills and boost your career with just 1 week of coding. Starting with the basics of JavaScript and HTML, our Bootcamps [...]