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React Intermediate Bootcamp

React is the number one tool for modern web developers. Our 5-day course gives you everything you need to make interactive and dynamic webpages that respond to user input and deliver data across the internet.



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What you'll learn.

We cover everything that is needed to build rich applications.

React Basics

React is possibly the most popular JavaScript framework currently out there. Developed in 2013 by Facebook engineers, it allows developers to build next-generation web applications, including mobile ones. Advanced single-page front-end applications are in high demand these days and you will learn how to build them, from scratch! You'll learn all about props, you'll understand how JSX works, and how to implement function components. Explore the beauty of a single page application while building several applications with React!

React state

After learning the basics of React, you'll dive deeper into how to manage the state, callback props, controlled components, and much, much more!

Routing in React

You'll work with front-end routing using react-router, and you'll learn to fetch data from an existing API.

Social-media feed [Project]

Build a live social-media feed, add your photos, posts, and news! Collaborate with your classmates using Git and Github. After just 1 week, you'll end up building your own application!

You'll use all the technologies you learned during the week.

How can I apply?

Apply now for our React bootcamp, 5 days of coding from Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 6pm. Are you ready? Our classes start every 3 weeks!

The requirements:

These are the steps you will go through before starting your bootcamp.


Registration & Pick a date

Choose your preferred starting date and follow the steps to register.


Requirement check

This is an intermediate bootcamp. You need to have basic web development and JavaScript knowledge. A Codaisseur team member will contact you to discuss whether the bootcamp is a fit for you.



You'll receive access to all the tools and platforms to prepare for the bootcamp.

Choose the start date:

You can change this later.

21 September

until 25 September 2020

12 October

until 16 October 2020

02 November

until 06 November 2020

23 November

until 27 November 2020

Earn your certificate in React.js

Show that you master the art of building modern web applications with this certificate from the #1 coding Bootcamp in the Netherlands

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Questions? We've got answers!

How do the Academy and Bootcamps compare?

The Codaisseur Academy is an 11-week program, while the bootcamps are 5-day sections of these 11 weeks that can be attended separately.

What level is the React Bootcamp?

This is an intermediate level bootcamp. It's important to understand the fundamentals of web development and JavaScript in order to attend.

Is it possible to book this bootcamp as an In-company training?

Yes, that is possible. We can provide custom trainings for different group sizes.

Are the classes online?

Yes, temporarily, because of the Covid-19 regulations. For the time being, and until further notice from the Government, all classes, including Bootcamps and Workshops, will take place online only.