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How Codaisseur is adapting to the Covid-19 outbreak.
Remote teaching & discounts on all training programs

Full stack JavaScript Academy

During this 11-week full-time course, you will learn to code in JavaScript, the most used programming language by coders everywhere.

Industry disruptors as Codaisseur hiring partners:

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Why Codaisseur?

Life-changing knowledge should be accessible to anyone.
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Experienced teachers

Our teachers are not only excellent coders, they master the art of teaching and are able to make the most complex concepts understandable.

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No cure - No pay

Only pay the tuition fee if you land a job within 5 months of graduation!

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From n00b to hired!

10 weeks of coding and 1 week in our intensive Career Accelerator program. We are with you the entire journey!

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Win - win

Our values are completely aligned. If you don't suceed, then neither do we!

Hired graduates


Hiring companies


Avg. first salary


Hired within 3 months


Pricing options

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we offer remote teaching & discounts on all training programs. The tuition fee of €11,520 is now temporarily discounted by 25% - 35% depending on the plan you choose.

Job Guarantee

Get a job within 5 months of graduation or we waive your tuition fee
€800 Admission fee
€8,642 Tuition fee (= 25% off)
Paid by your future employer(s) in max. 29 monthly payments of €298

Flex Pay

Pay back the tuition fee in monthly instalments
€800 Admission fee + €7,488
Tuition fee paid in 12 payments of €624 (= 35% discount)
€800 Admission fee + €8,064
Tuition fee paid in 24 payments of €336 (= 30% discount)

Admission and Tuition fee

There are 2 separate fees in the Codaisseur Academy model. Make sure you understand the difference before applying!

Admission fee

Applying to Codaisseur is free, but you'll have to pass an interview first. This will involve a simple aptitude test, an English proficiency test, and a basic JavaScript test. After you've been accepted, you'll pay €800 to reserve your spot in the Academy. The Admission fee is applicable to both the job-guarantee and the flex-pay model, and is always paid upfront.

Tuition fee

After graduating from the Job-Guarantee Academy, you'll have a 5-month job search period. You will choose where you want - and don’t want - to work. If you are not hired within 5 months, or if you don't graduate, then we will waive the cost of your tuition fee. No cure - No Pay! If you choose the Flex-Pay model, you'll start paying your tuition fee 5 months after graduation, regardless of whether you have found a job or not.

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How to apply?

Choose your preferred start date and follow the steps in the admission process

The admission process:

These are the steps you will go through.


Registration & Pick a date

Sign up by selecting your preferred start date and fill in all your details, including your motivation to attend our Academy.



In order to make your application a success, you need to prepare. You'll receive some JavaScript material to familiarize yourself with the basics. Also, get ready for the admission interview so you can show us the best version of yourself.


Tests & Interview

You'll be assessed on your talent, motivation, and hireability. We'll also answer any questions you may have. All together, this can take up to two hours.


Contract & Admission fee

If you've passed the tests and the interview, you'll receive the training contract. After signing it and paying the €800 admission fee, your spot in the Academy will be saved.


Preparation and Starting the Academy

You'll receive all the preparation work needed to ensure a smooth start of the Academy. You'll be invited to the pre-Academy day so you can meet your classmates and teachers and make sure your laptop meets all the necessary requirements.

Pick a date:

Classes fill up quickly so apply as soon as possible!

01 June

until 15 August 2020

almost full

22 June

until 03 September 2020

almost full

13 July

until 26 September 2020

03 August

until 17 October 2020

24 August

until 07 November 2020

The Codaisseur Curriculum

You will learn cutting-edge and in-demand technologies, tools, and approaches that development teams around the world are looking to implement, but sometimes might just lack the experience or capacity for. As a new developer on the team, you will bring both these things to the table. Here are the technologies & tools we teach:

HTML5, CSS3 & RWD, Git and Github

Let's start with the fundamentals of web development: HTML is the most basic building block of the Web. It defines the meaning and structure of web content. In order to style an HTML page and make it look awesome, you'll learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and you'll master how to make everything work on any device and screen size by making your apps responsive (RWD = Responsive Web Development). Git is a version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Learning Git means you can start collaborating with your classmates and developers from day 1. You'll learn how to upload your code on Github and make the most out of this incredible platform.

React with Redux

React is possibly the most popular JavaScript framework currently out there. Developed in 2013 by Facebook engineers, it allows developers to build next-generation web applications, including mobile ones. Advanced single-page front-end applications are in high demand these days and you will learn how to build them, as well as manage the data flow with Redux.

Thousands of companies around the world reportedly use React in their tech stacks, including Airbnb, Uber, Pinterest and Facebook!

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React Native mobile development, Realtime Multiplayer Games, and WebSockets

Web development? What about mobile apps development? Learn to use your React skills to build not only web apps, but also mobile applications for Android and iOS, along with native platform capabilities. Besides learning about mobile-app development, you'll also learn how to build realtime multiplayer games using web sockets! Realtime web applications allow us to build intuitive applications, advanced functionality, and... fun games!

JavaScript ES6+, Functional Programming, Node.js and Servers

Modern and functional JavaScript means writing algorithms using pure functions and immutable data to ensure there are no side effects in your code. No side effects equals fewer bugs. You'll also learn about the newest features in ECMAScript 6 (and beyond), and how to build applications using the most recent best practices and coding standards. On the server side, you'll learn about Node.js and how to use NPM and you'll start by making a server that sends a webpage with Express.

SQL Databases, REST APIs and GraphQL, TypeScript and ORM.

Manage your database like a pro! Learn Postgres and SQL and understand how to store, organize, retrieve, and aggregate data from the most advanced types of relational databases used in the industry. You'll also learn how to work with RESTful APIs, as well as access data on a server using GraphQL. APIs play a big role in web development and providing programmatic interfaces to applications allows for communication between them. You'll also become familiar with the #1 JavaScript typed language, TypeScript, and work with Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Along with TypeScript, you'll learn about ORMs (Object-Relational Mapping) and how to implement TypeORM in your TypeScript projects.

Web Development best practices: unit testing, Scrum, and Agile

You'll learn to write code to automate testing by integrating Jest in your projects. This helps both to speed up your development and to make your codebase more robust. Professional codebases are fully tested, allowing for rapid feature development and refactoring without having to worry about unexpectedly breaking things. Throughout the whole Academy, you'll also practice working in an Agile (Scrum) environment. During your projects, you'll have daily stand-ups with your team and final structured retrospectives. You'll learn how to write user stories and how to break down complex problems into small tickets. Thanks to our in-house certified Scrum-Master, you'll have professional guidance and facilitation available for your team projects.

The Academy Schedule

Below, we have listed a detailed overview of the course content, lectures, and projects you will be doing while you are in the academy. Every week consists of new topics and projects to maximise your learning experience with us.
Prep work
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Career Accelerator



Build a simple webpage using HTML and CSS to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates!


JavaScript Basics

Learn the basics of JavaScript by spending at least 30 hours doing online prep work.


Git & Github

Git is a version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Learning Git means you can start collaborating with your classmates and developers from day 1.



You'll learn about creating HTML code using JavaScript’s Template Strings. Plus, we'll go through the latest CSS version and layout essentials.


JavaScript and ES6

Let's continue with some basic JavaScript and an introduction to the newest and most important features of ES6 (ECMAScript 6).


Functional Programming

A full day is dedicated to functional programming, covering topics such as data modeling, storage and more. And you'll learn how to deal with data transformations like a pro!


Node.js, Servers and Client

You'll learn about Node.js and NPM (Node Package Manager) and you'll end up making a server using Express. You'll also learn about Clients and how to request data over the internet with Axios.


Make your first full stack app!

You'll start building your first full stack app, incorporating everything you've learned so far. A full stack app... in week 1! How cool is that?


React Basics

It's time to start learning about React, possibly the most popular JS framework currently out there! You'll learn about props, you'll understand how JSX works, and how to implement function components.


React State

This is where it gets really interesting... After learning the basics of React, you'll dive deeper into how to manage the state, callback props, controlled components, and much, much more!


React Router

You'll learn about front-end routing and how to make use of the React-Router library, all while building an awesome app using an existing API!


Feed Project

It's project time! You'll split into small groups and build an Instagram-like feed implementing all the learnings of the week.


Feedback session

Teachers will give you individual feedback on your work and, where needed, help you implement a personalized learning strategy.


Soft Skills Workshop

You heard it! We value soft skills just as much as hard skills... we want to make sure you'll succeed on the job market and become not only a strong and independent developer, but also a helpful and communicative team player!


Full stack practice

You've been learning a lot in the past 2 weeks. Let's recap and practice together how to build a full stack app implementing all the tools, technologies, and industry standards you'be been learning so far.


Full stack assessment

This is your first official assessment! After practicing together with your classmates and teachers, you'll build a full stack app on your own, which will be evaluated by our teachers at the end of the week.


Intro to Redux

Say hi to your first global state manager! Redux is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to scale complex applications.


Redux and React

You'll learn how to implement Redux within a React project and how to work with selectors, action creators, and redux-thunk.



You'll learn how to add login functionalities to your full stack app. You'll also cover the Security topic and how to work with JWT (JSON Web Tokens)


Feedback session

Teachers will give you individual feedback on your work and, where needed, help you implement a personalized learning strategy.


Soft Skills Workshop

Once again, we value soft skills as much as hard skills... This time you'll be trained on your presentation skills and you'll learn how to give constructive and valuable feedback.


Webshop project

Ready...steady...let's build an e-commerce app! You'll work in small groups and apply all the learnings of the past weeks, including redux and login.



Hello databases! This is where your full stack journey gets real. After learning so much about front-end frameworks, it's time to dive into Postgres and SQL. You'll also familiarize yourself with containerization and how to use Docker.



You'll understand what an HTTP-based RESTful API is and you'll learn how to build a RESTful CRUD API using ExpressJS, Docker, Postgres & Sequelize.


Middlewares and Authorization

You'll learn about Express Middleware and Express Routers, plus you'll cover Authentication APIs and how to build token-based login systems using JWT.


eBay clone

You'll work in pairs to build a buy-and-sell app that utilizes a REST API in the backend and React+Redux in the front-end. You'll setup backend and front-end projects from scratch!


Feedback session

Teachers will give you individual feedback on your work and, where needed, help you implement a personalized learning strategy.


Soft Skills Workshop

By now you should know how much we value soft skills! After these workshops, you'll be able to work independently, as well as efficiently collaborate and communicate with teammates.


Full stack practice

Let's recap and practice together how to build a full stack app, implementing all the tools, technologies, and industry standards you'be been learning so far.


Full stack assessment

This is your second official assessment! After practicing together with your classmates and teachers, you'll build a full stack app on your own, which will be evaluated by our teachers at the end of the week.


React Native

Learn to build mobile applications using React Native. You'll build a chat app and you'll be able to test it on your mobile device!


OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

You'll learn the main principles of Object Oriented Programming, how to create Class components and organize your code with JavaScript Modules.


Portfolio Project

Build an app of your choice using the technology you prefer! This will be your main portfolio project. Be creative, challenge yourself, and have fun!


Feedback session

Teachers will give you individual feedback on your work and, where needed, help you implement a personalized learning strategy.



Learn about GraphQL, a query language that aims to be an alternative to REST. You'll also integrate GraphQL into a React app.


TypeScript and TypeORM

Oh yes, new language coming up! Well, actually, half of one: the language of type annotated JavaScript. You'll also learn about TypeORM and how to use it in your TS projects.


Portfolio Project

You'll be given plenty of time to continue working on your portfolio project, which you'll demo during your graduation night. Keep up the good work!


Feedback session

Teachers will give you individual feedback on your work and, where needed, help yo implement a personalized learning strategy.


Jest and API testing

Learn about unit tests and UI tests, and how to write code to automate testing.



You'll learn about the Document Object Model and some JavaScript methods for DOM manipulations.


Portfolio project

This is the last week you have to work on your portfolio project. You'll be demoing it during your graduation night, so this is your chance to finish it up and implement some more fancy features!


Project evaluations

Teachers will evaluate your portfolio project and give you individual and detailed feedback.


Multiplayer game

You read that right! You're going to spend the week building a super fun realtime multiplayer game using Web Sockets.

Day 1

Define your professional profile

Let’s kick off the job search period discovering the current requirements and opportunities within the IT market and identifying your key strengths.

Day 2

Create your CV

Create a slick and well-structured CV tailored to the tech market that will catch the eye of recruiters.

Day 3

Linkedin and tech interview training

You'll go much further than simply creating an optimised online profile! Plus, you will face your first technical interview with the teachers.

Day 4

Build your pitch & mock interview sessions

Practice how to present yourself in front of an HR manager in the best possible way.

Day 5

Write an outstanding Cover Letter

Learn how to write an outstanding cover letter that really represents you.

Job Search

The job search phase

In the next 5 months, you'll be looking for your dream job and we'll support you throughout the whole process. We will be helping you via career coaching sessions, matchmaking events, and more. We'll also organize bi-weekly follow-up group sessions, as well as private sessions with your career advisor.

Hello teachers!

We love helping people learn to code, but most importantly, we love helping them learn how to learn. Codaisseur teachers have not only mastered the art of teaching, but they are all experienced developers who will guide and mentor you throughout your entire journey. Meet the teaching squad!
Eszter Szöllősi

Eszter Szöllősi

Educational Specialist

Constantly looking for ways to further improve our learning material in collaboration with our teachers is something that makes me get up excited every morning.

linkedin icon
Rein Op 't Land

Rein Op 't Land

Fullstack Teacher and Scrum Master

I want to spark joy in people by teaching them to code. Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens.

linkedin icongithub icon
David Stephenson

David Stephenson

Fullstack Teacher

My background is in international security, I spent years working as a developer and intelligence analyst. I am also a game designer, I make board & digital games.

linkedin icongithub icon
Violeta Tihomirova

Violeta Tihomirova

Career Accelerator Trainer

I’m a senior Career Coach that trained more than 250 jr. developers to land their first job in record time. My background is in Coaching, Coding, IT Recruiting and Business.

linkedin icon
Jeroen Bruinsma

Jeroen Bruinsma

Fullstack Teacher

Hey! I like coding all kinds of stuff. Factories, apps, and escape rooms. Oh, and now I'm a JavaScript teacher at Codaisseur. Let's make awesome apps together!

linkedin icongithub icon
Matías Garcia

Matías Garcia

Teacher and Fullstack Developer

Coming from a developer background, I've always enjoyed teaching & doing some of it on the side. Now I'm diving fully into it, helping others learn and build cool things!

linkedin icongithub icon
Kelley van Evert

Kelley van Evert

Fullstack Teacher

Sharing my love for the craziest and awesome programming language that is JavaScript! I'm most proud of my students if I can teach them some excellent debugging skills.

linkedin icongithub icon
Jeroen Houben

Jeroen Houben

Fullstack Teacher

I like teaching stuff. I can code. So I decided to teach people how to code. I'm productive in JavaScript, Ruby, and Elixir.

linkedin icongithub icon

Questions? We've got answers!

Are there any requirements?

Our education is accessible to everyone. We offer courses for all tech levels, age groups, study and work backgrounds etc. For the full-stack web development Academy, there are some requirements applicable.

Do I have to pay the tuition fee if I don't graduate?

Not graduating is part of our No cure - No pay offer. This means that if you fail the course, you will not have to pay the tuition fee.

Do you offer this bootcamp online or part-time?

Because of the current situation with the coronavirus, at the time of writing (March 2020), our clasess are fully online. However, they are still all full-time, we do not offer part-time courses at the moment.

Do I need a visa to enrol in the Academy?

Yes, without a residence and work permit for the Netherlands, you cannot apply for the Academy. We also cannot offer any assistance or special letters for visa applications.

What is the Academy prep work?

In order to prepare for the Academy, we require you to follow a JavaScript introductory course & build a simple website. There are also several technical requirements your laptop needs to meet before your first day in class.

Can I reapply if I do not pass the Admission tests?

Absolutely! If you are rejected, you can reapply after 3 months. In the email we send you to break the news, you'll find a lot of resources for further learning and preparing for your next try.

See what our students say 

More than 350 awesome coders got hired by startups, scaleups, multinationals, and everything in between within an average of 3 months of graduating from @Codaisseur!
Brendan & MacKenzie logo
Attila Aranyi

Attila Aranyi

Web developer @Brendan & MacKenzie

Codaisseur is a super intense and challenging way to get into the coding business, everyone who attends has to be well prepared. I know I still have a long way to go, but luck [...]

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de Bijenkorf logo
Anja Rupnik

Anja Rupnik

Front-end developer @de Bijenkorf

Codaisseur Academy was an amazing journey. In two crazy months, full of hard work I learned more then I thought I am going to in such a short period of time and with no previo [...]

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Ana-Maria Iulia Iancu

Ana-Maria Iulia Iancu

Front-end developer @EVBox

Most challeging and exciting experience! The course is truly very intense and for 10 weeks coding is your only activity. I landed a job in 3 weeks after graduation and I can h [...]

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Foleon logo
Adam Belton

Adam Belton

JavaScript developer @Foleon

If you're interested in becoming a developer and you're willing to put in the effort, you won't find a better opportunity than Codaisseur. The content is high quality and rele [...]

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Let's meet at our events

Join us at one of our events to get to know us, the teachers, and our students and graduates. For example, every month, we organize Open Evenings where we provide extensive information about the Academy and where you can ask all the questions you might have!

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Codaisseur Academy Open Evening

09 July 2020 - 18:30 - 20:30

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Taste of Code at Codaisseur

11 July 2020 - 09:30 - 16:30

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