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Our Code Academy

Become a Full Stack Web Developer

Our intensive 11 week Javascript curriculum will set you up for success as a full-stack developer. You will learn how to build complex websites, and even multiplayer games with databases, APIs, and modern front-end technology.

Our Coding Bootcamps

Full Stack JavaScript Super Bootcamp

all levels

10 week full-stack JavaScript bootcamp. Learn how to build complex applications

JavaScript Bootcamp (Beginner)


Kickstart your coding with this bootcamp, whether your goal is to understand a bit more about programming or take your career into a new direction.

JavaScript Advanced Bootcamp


We will cover the essential JavaScript functionalities and logic that will help you transform your static web page into a rich, interactive application.

React & Redux Bootcamp

upper intermediate

Following the JavaScript Advanced Bootcamp, you'll learn React and Redux - useful JavaScript libraries that are a high-demand skill.

Full stack ES6 Bootcamp


In this bootcamp, we cover everything that is needed to build rich applications. We focus on crafting production-ready APIs with NodeJS, SQL, and Express.

TypeScript & GraphQL Bootcamp


During this bootcamp, you'll learn TypeScript & GraphQL in order to build solid, reliable, and fast APIs.