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What can you build after just 11 weeks of Code Academy?

After 500+ hours of hands-on coding, Codaisseur students are ready to showcase the results of their learning.
Irene De Nicolo
Web developer at Codaisseur
After 500+ hours of hands-on coding, Codaisseur students are ready to showcase the results of their learning. Their last challenge in the academy is to build a piece of software, mostly from scratch, for a real company with a real business need.We receive a lot of questions from people who are quite skeptical about the results after just 11 weeks of a coding bootcamp. The idea of starting the academy with little to zero coding knowledge, and being able to build something for a real company after only 11 weeks sounds unbelievable to many.Yet, Codaisseur class #23 is about to graduate, and the students are currently busy building 5 amazing final projects.Curious to see what they are building? Read further!Don’t like spoilers? Sign up for our Demo Day (March 14th) and come and see for yourself… You could be next! 🤓
The projects:
Off-track — Experience sounds while walking
Off-Track invites you to go outside and wants to encourage you to do so by adding music to your walking route. The music in Off-Track adds an extra layer to your surroundings: sometimes it’s energizing, sometimes it’s relaxing. Codaisseur students are building a web-app that supports a walking experience with music.
The Idealists
Have you ever felt like you had a great idea of how to achieve one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but never been able to realize it? You’re not alone. Statistics show only 3% of all people ever turn their golden idea into reality. Think about that, everything around you has been made by only 3% of all people. Imagine what the world would look like if the other 97% had realized their ideas as well…Thanks to The Idealists  your ideas are brought to life, and Codaisseur students will build part of this unique platform together with the co-founder.
FJ — Smart video stats dashboard
FJ is building a smart-video dashboard that helps social media managers run experiments across different platforms, in order to see which channels are performing the best for their video campaigns. This will be a game changer in order to know which content is relevant for the specific audience. Codaisseur students are busy building this MVP dashboard together with the CTO. Read more about it here
Happiness bot
At Codaisseur we always want to improve our programs while making sure that our students maintain a high level of happiness throughout the Academy. In order to do so, we need a way to measure the happiness level, and what better way to do so than simply asking everyone how they’re doing? Of course, as Codaisseur we want to keep it personalized but also automated. This project involves the creation of a Slackbot that will ask regular questions to our students, and a dashboard to show how everyone is feeling in class. To make sure we receive accurate feedback, all responses will be anonymously visualized.
Ohmmmm — Meditation for kids appMeditation and kids might not sound like a match made in heaven. Kids between the ages of ten to fourteen lead busy and active lives, it’s a time of fast transition and emotional & cognitive development. Where can they get some rest and some quiet time will all of that buzzing? Ohmmmm is a game that makes meditation fun and engages kids to slow down and relax.
Exciting stuff, right?
Check out their results at the next Demo Day!  Come and celebrate with us their hard work, achievements and new beginnings in the tech industry.Excited by the idea of having our students build your app for free? Learn more about Codaisseur’s Real World Project program and get in touch! You might have a working prototype sooner than you’d think.

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