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How to stay productive while working from home, Covid-19

Lisa Scorzon
With the outbreak of Covid-19, everyone is focused on making sure people around the globe stay safe and healthy. This is no different here at Codaisseur.Over the past 3 weeks our teachers and staff have been building and creating an online learning environment, testing out remote teaching tools, and been studying how to make remote learning effective and fun. We have involved over 80+ students and graduates in this process. We have learned a lot, and have implemented big changes in how we teach.Now we are ready to go live with this exciting program! 
Below are some tips and best practices for working or studying from home:
Get up early!
The early bird catches the worm, or so the saying goes!When studying or working in an office, your morning bike ride helps you wake up, and by the time you arrive, you feel pumped and ready to learn! At home, however, the transition from your pillow to your computer can be much more jarring 😅Setting your alarm early, having breakfast and a shower before you jump into your to-do list will help you gain focus and energy for the day ahead. Stick to a schedule, keep your body-clock in check (....it will make that long lie-in on Saturday morning even more meaningful 😉), go to bed at a reasonable time.It is also important to plan your day out Pencil in your lunch and stick to it. Know when its time to close down your laptop for the day. It can be so easy to work long hours and get stuck in front of your computer.Set an alarm for every hour to remind you to get up, stretch and move a little. Our developers like using the Tomato timer
Proper workspace
Your workspace should allow you to be as creative and efficient as possible. Try setting up a designated workspace, somewhere that is far away from distractions like television, computer games, cleaning, etc. Figure out what works best for you. Do you need to scribble and make notes? then have some colorful pens and pens at hand. Do you work best with colorful cues in front of you? Then try using a Kanban with Post-Its
Dress for work
While working from home lots of us Codaisseur-ians like to work pajamas...eh I mean tracksuits 😅. Others, like our Growth Hacker Miloud, has set the example of dressing stylishly from home and has raised the bar for the rest of us! 👔😎 No matter what, it’s important to dress for work This makes it easier for you to switch from 'work mode' to 'chill mode'.
Our teachers, developers, and TAs are available and online from 9am to 6pm. You can always reach out to them through Slack, Zoom or Google hangouts! Don't waste time if you get stuck fighting a nasty bug in your code! We are here to assist you!Organize a regular stand up with your team when you are working in group projects. Have everyone turn on their cameras. It's important to feel connected during these uncertain times.Chances are that some of your classmates might also be stuck with the same issue Post a question in your group slack and see if anyone else has a solution. communicate communicate communicate!Our teachers organize regular stand-ups and check-ins with the whole class. It's important that everyone joins in and turns on their cameras. While the world is slowly going more and more online, and everyone is following the Social Distance rules, seeing your classmates and friends' smiles will boost moraleand energy.Just check out our recent graduates from Class #34 below! Learning about how to write the best cover letter and CV!graduates class 34 Codaisseur

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