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How Codaisseur Academy Helps You Make the Switch to Web Developer in 11 Weeks

If you are looking for name dropping: JavaScript, NodeJS, TypeScript, React, Express, Redux, Jest, PostgreSQL, GraphQL and a few more are the stars of this course. But truth be told, that is not what this course is about for you as a student.
Wouter de Vos
In this course you will use the above mentioned technologies to apply object oriented programming basics, functional programming concepts, test driven development, and an enormous amount of best practices from our experienced teaching staff.What you will actually learn:basic programming skills, writing basic algorithms from scratch, testing your code, debugging your code, doing code reviews, planning your projects, working together on code, and a lot of other practical things that will prepare you for a professional life as an up and coming full stack web developer.And here is what we learned from other students who graduatedfrom our academy: you will learn to shake the fear of the unknown and be comfortable learning things on your own.Learn more about our Code Academy programhere.
That’s a lot, but is that enough to call myself a Web Developer?
Well, we certainly think so, but the proof is in the jobs of course! We proud ourselves with an almost 100% hiring rate. This means that almost every student who ever graduated our Academy, and earned a Codaisseur certificate, found a job as a developer. Getting our grads hired as actual developers is our first goal, but that is not all.We also commit ourselves to your career for the first 2 years. Just landing your first developer job is important, but the real deal is being able to keepthe job and for you to keep growing as a developer.Almost every graduate from our academy in the past 2.5 years has been able to keep their job, grow their career, and their salary. More than half of the companies who ever hired a graduate from us, has come back to hire more people. The numbers proof it: earning a Codaisseur certificate is hard work, but it sets you apart from the pack.Read more about the program and see where our alumni work
Yeah, but seriously, isn’t all that knowledge available on the internet for free (or maybe like a $17/mo subscription)?
Especially experienced developers (friends, partners) ask this question. And they have good reason to be sceptic. Let’s take a moment to consider where they (and we, your teachers) are coming from.In the nineties, many now-senior-developers learned to code by reading books and just trying stuff that was not documented anywhere. Nowadays, there are so many tutorials and online courses that most now senior developers feel that you should be able to become a professional on your own in no time, using this excess of materials available for free. This seems like an enormous opportunity to anyone wanting to learn to code. But what many of them seem to forget, is that it probably took them 10 years of fooling around with high quality books and tutorials to get where they are now. It’s not about the learning content you have at your disposal, it’s about being guided so you learn enough of the right things at the right time. So you learn to build a clear mental map in your head, instead of a confusing puzzle of fragments of maybe-useful-things.So yes, this knowledge is out there somewhere probably, but you will not learn all of this in 11 weeks without our help. Even senior developers join us sometimes towards the end of your courses, to learn cutting edge technology in a very short time. We are here to help anyone to learn as much as they can in the shortest amount of time.If you’re interested in an unguided path of learning, we advise you to take a sabbatical of 8–12 months and work your way through some online programming coursesat least. Then find others learning to code and start group projects, so you can become a professional in collaboration and communication as well.
OK, so I need you to study faster and become a pro. But why the admission fee? Can’t you just make it free?
We could. And who knows, we might at some undetermined time in the future. However, we never took any outside investments, and we could never have started Codaisseur without the admission fees. That was 2.5 years ago. Nowadays things are a bit different.There are 2 reasons we still have an admission fee. The first is very practical: it alleviates some of the initial risk for us of investing in your education; we think that’s fair. The second reason is more a psychological one: you pay, you stay (on it). This means we are in this together: it motivates our students to stay on track, even if it becomes hard.Any questions after reading this? Feel free to reach out to us via support@codaisseur.com or visit our websiteto chat.

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