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August 21, 2018

Here’s what the Codaisseur Design Academy graduates can do for you;

Valuable backgrounds, experienced in life, modern skillset, updated tools; a new generation of designers!

Coders without designers are like rappers without music—it works but it just works better with…

As Codaisseur we discovered that teaching design is so different from teaching code. There’s more coaching needed, as well as more room for practicing soft skills.

In my opinion—I may be biased as a designer—the first design class working together with code was the best thing that could have happened to the Codaisseur Academy.

Both coders and designers become more aware of who they will be working with in the future; adjusting their communication, their nuances, and way of working accordingly. Coders become aware of who they are working for: the users!

It’s just great that so many coders of this class/batch made it this time. I don’t know for sure, but maybe that happened because they worked together with designers this time? 🤔

Also, we found that more and more companies require designers to code, or definitely understand code.

What our designers can do for your company

Generally we educate people as general designers, allround-everything-improvers. This works because they already have work experience, or live experience for that matter. But usually this falls into UX designers, UI designers or Product managers.

That means contribute to the complete User/Customer Experience of the product, business and marketing. Doing the research and the crafting of ideas by gatering input from the users, customers and team.

Design, prototype, improve and tweak the User Interface and visual design of the product as UI designers. If you have a digital or technical product, this is usually what you see is used by your users.

UX/UI designers are usually called Digital Product Designers, because they design the whole product.

Furthermore there’s a lot of attention for Product Management; being able to work with other designers, developers and with stakeholders. To remember here is that if you have the technical knowledge, you can work with the technical people.

In a nutshell, our graduates design products, services or features that will help your company make money and/or save money.

All our amazing designers (and developers) still looking to add value to your company are presented on our student showcase.

Extensive user research is crucial

Here’s an article about the definitions and job titles and where the sweet spots are.

“The entire field of UX Design emerged only because the field of Product Management was lacking certain things.”

The great balloon of User Experience: from UX to Product Design

“There is not such a thing as UI/UX design”.
“They are much different disciplines with different skillsets, and we have never met a person, who was really good at both of them. Not to mention, to do everything on serious projects, you would need to work for at least 16 hours a day! UX/UI designers are generally only useful in startups in the founding team.”

How to get a job as a UX/Product Designer?

The UI designer you can become if you have the visual or graphic skills or background; you should be able to convert requirements in usable and desirable interfaces. But it’s not really possible to do both (UX/UI).

I’ve talked to many companies about their wants and needs in designers; I’d like to chat to more. Book a visit me now: https://calendly.com/milan-codaisseur/milan-will-visit-you

Here’s our designers learning their essentials in code.

Here's a grasp from their case studies

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