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Are you ready to make a career-change just like Marten?

From being a teacher to becoming a developer

Self-developement and having fun!
Jasper Henken
Intern at Codaisseur
Today we share Marten Bonnema his journey through Codaisseur. We will cover not only how he found Codaisseur, but also why he decided to become a developer, and his advice for those looking to make a career change.Marten Bonnema from batch #27 graduated from Codaisseur's Code Academy in the Autumn of 2019. After 11 tough weeks, he and his fellow students got their diploma during a big graduation where they were able to show off their final project that they made during the last few weeks.
Marten's BackgroundBefore Codaisseur, Marten had a go at teaching for a few months. Even though he had the proper background, it just did not workout the way he wanted it to. This unfortunately caused him to enter a period where he would have no clue what to do next.One of Marten his best friends happend to be a programmer, a senior back-end developer. They started talking about programming because he had just found a new job and started to become very excited about it. Seeing his friend being super excited about his new job, made Marten want the same.In his free time, Marten had been doing some small coding projects to make games, and back when he studied multimedia design he also did some coding. Marten knew coding was something he was able to do, and something that he liked to do.Marten got fired up and started researching. He first wanted to homeschool himself but he was looking for something fast. That's how he found Codaisseur. It was right up his alley. He likes to learn fast, so the 10 weeks course at the time sounded like a perfect match. He discussed it with his programmer friend and he told him that Codaisseur was the right choice, they are teaching the newest technology and they do it well. Marten applied immediately and got in the Codaisseur bootcamp. He prepared himself with the given material and was super excited to start. 
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The academy experience"I had a great time during the bootcamp. Not only did I like the fast pace and the course material, I also enjoyed the 'Camaraderie' in the class room. Everyone in the classroom cared about each other and helped each other out when someone was having a difficult time."According to Marten, the bootcamp is tough when you don't prepare well. His advice to future Codaisseur students: "If you prepare well before the 1st week of the bootcamp, you will be ahead of the course material and you will have a much easier time. Nevertheless, you have to put in the work and the hours. Trust me, it will pay off in the end!"

The job searchLooking for a job was a different story for Marten. His mother had been suffering from ALS and eventually passed away during his job search period. He was going through a rough period and had to arrange everything by himself. "I called Codaisseur and explained what had happened, they understood me completely. They gave me all the time I needed to get back on my feet and renew my job search period once I had arranged everything and was ready to move forward."Once Marten was back on his feet he started applying for jobs and got contacted by a recruiter that landed him a job as a back-end developer position at System Connections within weeks.
We wish Marten all the best and keep on coding!

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