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Below you find a wide range of articles that all have one thing in common, its about Code! We love to share industry insights, the experiences from our students during or after finishing the Academy and knowledge articles on the newest tech stacks. Make sure to check our blog regularly to keep up to date.

March 2021

How the pandemic decoded Codaisseur in 2020

Here at Codaisseur, we will also remember 2020 as the year we redefined ourselves repeatedly. The year when our hiring-rate plummeted, our partner network issued hiring-freezes, and ultimately the year when we had a lot of unhappy students.Changing o...
March 2021

Where to get guidance for your career switch in tech

It's great to prepare for your future and make progress on your career development. Changing careers or starting your career for the first time may even be one of your plans this year. But with a pandemic and the uncertainty in the job market, you ma...
February 2021

Work From Home: Tips from the Codaisseur Community

For almost a year now, we’ve transitioned our on-site academy to hybrid learning and then fully remo...
February 2021

How learning to code can transform your future for the better

When you think about your future, what do you want to achieve? For many people, the answer would in ...
February 2021

The Guide to Becoming a Codaisseur

Starting a new career or learning a new skill can seem daunting at first. When that career, skill, o...
February 2021

6 Traits of a High-Potential Software Developer

At Codaisseur, we are extremely excited to help coding enthusiasts in their career-change journey. O...
December 2020

Get ready for your Cyber Security course

During the course, we use a lot of different tools (software) that are very specific to the cyber se...
November 2020

Cybersecurity: The Problem & Solutions

Why is cybersecurity important for you and your business? What needs to be done in order to protect ...
September 2020

What is Cyber Security?

If you follow Codaisseur on social media, you probably already know that we’re launching something n...
September 2020

What is the Career Accelerator Program at Codaisseur Academy?

Codaisseur is a coding academy, providing our students with all the necessary technical skills to be...
August 2020

Creating your first website with HTML and CSS

Today we are gonna create our first website, it'll be a very simple one using basic HTML and CSS, th...
August 2020

What is a Coding Terminal?

If you’re familiar with sci-fi movies like The Matrix or hacker series like Mr Robot or basically an...
August 2020

A day in the life of an (online) Code Academy student at Codaisseur

Do you remember that feeling: starting out your first day in a new school? Feeling a bit anxious, no...
August 2020

Zorana wins the Best Music Tech @ Wallifornia Hackathon

The Hackathon took place between July 3rd and July 9th, the same time frame in which the entire prot...
August 2020

What are the JavaScript Data types?

If you just started programming, you probably already heard about JavaScript data types, maybe you ...
July 2020

5 Tips to Impress Employers with your CV as a Junior Developer

Your resume is the first impression a potential employer gets of you and it can serve as a good tool...
June 2020

The Growth mindset for a Developer

It’s a term you hear ever more frequently, the growth mindset. Not only in software development, but...
June 2020

What computer do I need for programming?

So you decided you want to switch careers and get into coding, that’s awesome!  However, one of the ...
June 2020

How much does a junior web developer earn

Starting your career or leaving your current job to pursue your dreams can be quite a big step. It i...
December 2019

The Raw Version | Officially a Graduated Tech Gal

Today is my first day being an officially graduated Codaisseur alumni. I MADE IT!​ Now the job hunt ...
November 2019

The Raw Version | The Magic of Internet

I'm back - with regained confidence actually.I'm not going to lie, the last two weeks have been quit...
October 2019

The Raw Version | Eat, Sleep, Code - Repeat

So, my first week of coding school has come to an end. This week has been intense, informative and f...
September 2019

The Raw Version | Girls Who Code

Hi and welcome to (hopefully) some new readers, that may be interested in how it's like diving into ...
February 2019

What does create react app do?

The create react app package  can help you to set up your basic environment to start a new single pa...
February 2019

What does this code do?

As many of our students hardly have any programming experience before they start our program, I ofte...
February 2018

How Codaisseur Academy Helps You Make the Switch to Web Developer in 11 Weeks

In this course you will use the above mentioned technologies to apply object oriented programming ba...
January 2018

Why Codaisseur is Adopting Holacracy

Holacracy, a system for self-governing organisations, has been negatively reflected on in the news l...
May 2017

5 Useful Mantras for the Junior Developer

My name is Rein, and I am a Codaisseur graduate. I joined the Academy at the end of July 2016 and, a...

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