Hands-on Approach

Learn by doing

A Life of Learning

Full of challenges

When you join our program, you will immediately experience that the courses are very intensive. There is a lot to cover in just 10 weeks and the only way to learn everything is by doing. We are very aware of that. Hour-long lectures are not part of this course. Instead, we mix short lectures with exercises.

Continuously challenging you to find things out on your own before we show you our solution forms you into a well-equipped developer. Even after graduation, your life will be filled with learning, and that will never go away. Technology is always in flux, and the best gift we can present you with during this course is that of excellent learning skills.

Professionalism & Agile Workflow

The other gift is professionalism. Working as a developer on a team demands fine-grained communication skills, and knowledge of the right tooling and processes. Our teachers come from a long history of managing development and product teams. The companies our graduates work for often benefit from the processes and collaboration skills you will learn, giving you that nice edge that makes you valuable to hire. But there's more!

  • Planning
  • Wireframing
  • Data Modeling
  • Testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Continuous Integration
  • Daily Standups

Cutting-Edge Technologies

The latest and greatest

Skills you acquire

Proficient in complete stacks

This is where you as a fresh developer in a new job at a new company will benefit most. We teach you the latest and greatest technologies most senior developers have not even worked with yet – or at least not as intensively as you. We aim for teaching you technologies, tools, and approaches that development teams around the world are looking to implement. They just lack experience or capacity there. As a new developer on the team, you will bring in both.

During this 10 week intensive program, you will learn to build complex websites and even multiplayer games with databases, APIs, and modern front-end technology. Our curriculum is based entirely on Full Stack JavaScript. Furthermore, your project workflow includes code reviews and quality assessments, standard practices such as TDD, basics of product development, UX design, Domain modeling and team collaboration using standard tools like Atom, Git, Github, CI, and Slack.

Full Academy Program

Javascript Basics
Meet JavaScript

In Javascript Basics, you will learn how to work with Javascript and write simple Javascript programs. Javascript is a programming language that lives in your browser, but you can also run it from your terminal. This day you will get familiar with all of that.

JavaScript Collections & Loops
While We Work

In Colllection & Loops, you will learn how to automatically repeat parts of your code. This will cover different ways of looping in Javascript, together with the basics collections you can loop over. You will then move on to creating your own programs, applying what you just learned.

The Face of a Web Page

HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of web development. You will be using HTML to tell the web browser how the content of our web page is structured, and use CSS to make your content look beautiful and tell the browser what the content should look like.

Documents, the Web, and a Backend
Interactive HTML

Javascript was invented to make your webpage interactive. Today you'll learn just that. Using HTTP, you will talk to a backend server, displaying the resulst in your browser.

Build an interactive web app
Backend to Frontend

You will set up your first web app with just a handful of Javascript You will see all relevant parts that make a web app, and figure out what is going on. Combining the knowledge from HTML, CSS and Javascript By the end of the day, you have created a create basic but complete web app. And you'll have an appetite for more.

OOP and imports in JavaScript
Learn advanced programming concepts

In Javascript you can use Object Oriented Programming techniques. But what does that mean? Today you will learn how to use Javascript classes, what they are, and how to write your own.

Functional JavaScript
Crafting Algorithms, guided by tests

You will learn how to use modern and fuctional Javascript in writing algorithms, using pure functions and immutable data to ensure there are no side effects in your code. No side effects means less bugs.

Project day
Build an app

Using your knowledge of basic Javascript, tests, algorithms and OOP, you will build an app to feel more at home with all these concepts.

Data transformations and tests

Learn how to interact with a JSON REST API. Go and fetch some data, while doing some tests!

Data and ES6
Fetch some more...

Dive deeper into data fetching and learn all about ES6.

React Basics
The Introduction

Explore the beauty of a SPA, of state and props, while building several applications with React.

Components and Props
Diving deeper...

Today, you will learn all about components and React forms. Also, you will dive even deeper into state and props.

Routing in React
Look up Routes while you travel...

Work with react-router and fetch data from an API. You will also be learning about the differences between containers and views

React and Redux
The Single Source of Truth

We will cover the use of Redux to manage the state of our application. We will also revisit the use of immutability and pure functions.

You shall not pass!

Learn how to fetch data using redux-thunk, access restricted APIs through JWT tokens and how to create log in forms!

Project Management & Advanced CSS
Productivity and style

Learn to be and stay productive as a developer in large projects, working together with others. And finally, bring advanced and maintainable design to your projects with advanced CSS practices.

Project Week

Databases and Backend development with NodeJS

Learn to build RESTful APIs with the popular Express framework. Hook everything up to a PostgreSQL database for data persistence.

Going Full Stack
Connect the dots between Front-end and Backend

Learn to connect your React UI (front-end) to your Express APIs (backend) to build a scalable, full stack application with NodeJS.

APIs and logins
Better safe than sorry

Learn all about logins and APIs

Advanced SQL & Deployment
Get the most out of your database

Learn to write powerful database queries to patch, aggregate, and fully bring alive the data in your database and learn all about deployment.

How to not get hacked

Learn to exploit, mitigate, and test for common security pitfalls when building web applications. Hacking exposed!

TypeScript I with Express
Typed backend code

You will learn to write typed JavaScript code with TypeScript to build solid, reliable, and fast APIs.

TypeScript II Advanced APIs
TypeORM, Routing Controllers, and Class Validators

Learn the latest and greatest in building fully typed APIs without losing momentum while writing type definitions.

Full stack labs
Bringing it all together

Combine a typescript backend app with a React front-end app.

Advanced SQL
Atomic transactions and Advanced PostgreSQL queries

Learn to get the most out of relational databases. Use smarter queries to keep your apps fast and responsive in this modern age of feature rich applications becoming more and more realtime.

The king is dead. Long live the king!

REST is dead, or so some people say. Whether or not that is true is unimportant, but there is something new: GraphQL!

React Native
Native iOS and Android

You will apply everything you have learned about React to build native mobile applications. Today you will see for yourself just how easy it can be with this intro to React Native.

UX design
It is all about the user experience

Learn about the different aspects that come into play when dealing with building an app for your users

Multiplayer Games
The ultimate challenge

Set up the necessary architecture to start building realtime multiplayer games with your team.

Final Hackathon
And the winner is...

The time has come to ship a game and prep for demos. Put what you have learned to the test!

Project Week

Assignment Week

Real World Project Week

Graduation Week

Student Testimonials

Marco Basilicowas a student

I'm very satisfied with this experience. Although I had working experiences as a developer, I learned and enjoyed a lot of new things for web development and, of course, I met great people. Thank this I made it possible to continue my career in Holland. So, it was totally worth it.

Stefan Kollaartwas a student

"Getting job ready in 2 months" When you start programming for the first time, things are really hard. There's so much information out there, and to not get overwhelmed is really hard. At Codaisseurs development bootcamp, you get an package that's build for people who are starting. You get all the right information you need at that point in the bootcamp, which give you a clear path and the confidence to create something awesome. The fact that you're with a group of other people who are working their asses off doing the same thing, is really c...

Ceferino Villalbawas a student

It has been a great experience and the best way to become a Developer. Codaisseur is full of nice, smart and social people. The bootcamp is intense but it is worth it, even if you do not manage to get through the whole bootcamp, the knowledge you get during those weeks is amazing. I just landed my first job as a Full Stack Developer and I cannot thank enough everyone at Codaissuer for helping me get here.

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