During the 11 week academy, you will become a professional in modern web development.

We offer a broad curriculum where you will learn all about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Databases, Security, APIs and how to build cutting edge web applications using popular frameworks and libraries. Our academy ensures that you will be hired as a junior software engineer within 3 months of graduation. In the unlikely case that you are not hired within 3 months, we waive your tuition fee. All you have to do is pay an €800 admission, and your future employer will pay the tuition fee of €11520. Previous technical experience is not needed to join the academy. However, students must go through a technical exam and interview before being accepted.

Start Dates & Costs

Our payment plan is very simple.

Every student pays the admission fee of €800. The remainder of your education cost (€11.520) will be paid by the company that hires you. After graduating from our 11-week course, you'll have a 3 month job search period. You will choose where you want - and don’t want - to work and you will work for these companies directly. If you are not hired within these 3 months, then we will bear the cost of your tuition fee.
Admission fee
Tuition fee paid by future employer
Upcoming Start Dates
5 Jan 202012 Mar 2020Already Full 🤓
26 Jan 20202 Apr 2020
16 Feb 202023 Apr 2020
8 Mar 202014 May 2020
29 Mar 20204 Jun 2020


Every year we offer 53 students a scholarship.

Codaisseur is a proud partner of the Start&Code Program. Start&Code was founded by INCO in 2015. The program is financially supported by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

In 2019 INCO Academy will make scholarships available for 53 people with a non-conventional background. Each scholarship will cover your admission fee.

Once accepted into the Codaisseur Academy, candidates are automatically considered for the scholarship if they qualify.

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No technological background needed!

Our admissions process involves 2 short tests and 1 interview (face to face or via Skype when you live abroad), which you'll have to pass to be accepted to our academy. During the interview we will assess whether you are a fit for the Academy.

No technical background is required. We believe that a strong motivation and dedication are the biggest drivers for success. We believe that by selecting ambitious students, the overall level of our students improve.

All of our classes are taught in English. You should be able to converse effortlessly in both technical and non-technical discussions, and read and understand technical materials.

Dutch proficiency is nice to have but is not required.

What You’ll Learn

During this 11 week intensive program, you will learn to build complex websites and even multiplayer games with databases, APIs, and modern front-end technology.

We teach you the latest and greatest technologies most senior developers have not even worked with yet – or at least not as intensively as you. We aim for teaching you technologies, tools, and approaches that development teams around the world are looking to implement. They just lack experience or capacity there. As a new developer on the team, you will bring in both. Here is the full curriculum. These are the technologies & tools we teach:


HTML brings structure to the content of a web page, while CSS brings styling. We cover all the latest of HTML5 and CSS3, including building responsive pages and flexbox.

Programming & Algorithms

Learn to write code by describing data structures, and work with them using functions, recursion, and by controlling the flow of your program.

SQL Databases

Learn to store, organize, retrieve, and aggregate data from the most advanced types of relational databases used in this industry.

JavaScript & jQuery

One of the most popular programming languages around will be your 2nd language during this course. JS allows you to write client side code that can be run by web browsers.

Test Driven Development

Learn to write code to automate testing your code. This helps you speed up your development. Professional code bases are fully tested, allowing for rapid feature development and refactoring without having to worry about breaking things unexpectedly.

Building APIs

APIs play a big role in the web development industry. Providing programmatic interfaces to applications allows communication between them.

NodeJS and ES6/7 Syntax

NodeJS is becoming very popular in web development because it allows us to write JavaScript on the server side. The new ES6 and ES7 syntaxes breathe new life in this old quirky language, making it fun and efficient to work with.

React with Redux

React allows us to build next generation web applications. Advanced single page front-end applications are in high demand these days, and you will learn how to build them as well as manage the data flow with Redux.

Service Based Architecture

Build clusters of small API services to serve as a back-end for your React applications. Learn to manage data and flow with hooks and middlewares.

Realtime Multiplayer Games with WebSockets

Realtime web applications allow us to build intuitive applications, advanced functionality, and... multiplayer games!

Native iOS & Android Apps with React

Web development? What about App development? Learn to use your React skills to build not only web apps, but (native) mobile apps as well!

Example Projects



"Meditation and kids might not sound like a match made in heaven. Kids between the ages of ten to fourteen lead busy and active lives, it’s a time of fast transition and emotional & cognitive development. Where can they get some rest and some quiet time with all of that buzzing? Ohmmmm is a game that makes meditation fun and engages kids to slow down and relax."

Real World Project

Typical Day

A typical day at Codaisseur will look something like this.

Our classes begin every day at 9.30, most students will arrive a little earlier and grab some coffee to get the day started. At 9.30 your teacher will give you a little warm up exercise to get the day started. At 9.45 the teacher will give you a brief recap, and introduce the topic for the rest of the day. From 10.00 you'll be working on exercises and receiving short lectures from your teacher. At 12.30 it's time for a much needed break, lunch time! Class resumes at 13.30 usually with a short lecture after which you can work on a short project. Then at 16.00 you'll begin preparing for tomorrow, and, when 18.00 rolls around it's usually time to head home.

We always make sure to have plenty of coffee ready ☕️

Our Students

Ana-Maria Iulia Iancu

Ana-Maria Iulia Iancu

Junior Front-end Developer @ EVbox

Most challenging and exciting experience! The course is truly very intense and for 10 weeks coding is your only activity.

I landed a job in 3 weeks after graduation and I can honestly say that applying to Codaisseur was the best decision!

Meet Adam Belton

JavaScript Developer @ Foleon


Is the Academy Program graded?

Not in the traditional sense. Whilst group work and collaboration are fundamental aspects of the program, you are evaluated throughout the Academy by way of individual assignments. These individual assignments help us to assess how well you are grasping the material based on the objects we've outlined.

Throughout the duration of the Academy Program, you will be evaluated no less than two (2) times.

An interim evaluation will be conducted within the first half of the Academy program. If your level and/or development in the opinion of the teacher is insufficient or seriously lagging compared to the rest of the class, you will be informed with further discussion regarding points to improve on. Should a subsequent evaluation determine no or unsatisfactory improvement, this may be grounds for removal from the Academy Program but not before the first seven (7) days of training.

In week seven (7) there will be a final evaluation to assess your overall result in the Academy Program. Results from the evaluation will determine if you will graduate from the program.

Any time after the interim evaluation and before the final evaluation, we may run spot evaluations if we have concerns about your progress.

By when do you need to pay the admission fee?

As soon as you sign your contract you will receive an invoice for the admission fee. The admission fee for the Coding Academy is €800,-. The admission fee is paid, in principle, by the Student, unless your admission fee is covered otherwise (e.g. through our scholarship program). The admission fee is due within 14 days of signing this offer or before the Academy starting date (whichever date comes first).

How do I apply?

First things first, you need to actually sign up, create an account. You can use your LinkedIn account or a regular email/password combination. Note that you can abandon the enrolment process at any time, no strings attached.

What are my responsibilities as a graduate during the job application stage?

During the job application phase you will be expected to spend eight (8) hours at Codaisseur and apply for a minimum four (4) position per week. The positions in which you apply for must correspond to the capabilities of a junior web developer.

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