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Your Kickstart to a New Career

During the 10 week Academy, you will become a professional in modern web development.

Our teachers are experienced programmers with a combined history of over 40 years of building software for the web and mobile. Our unique, hands-on approach to teaching helps you focus on getting the most out of these weeks possible.

You will have front row access to so much knowledge and experience, which makes this a truly unique kickstart into your new career.

What Makes Codaisseur Unique?

  • Job guarantee
    You will be hired as a junior software engineer within 4 months of graduation.
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum
    Learn all about HTML, CSS, Full Stack JavaScript, Databases, Security, APIs, and how to build cutting edge web applications using popular frameworks and libraries.
  • No Cure No Pay
    We are accountable for your success. If you are not hired within 4 months, we bear your tuition fee.
  • Tough Selection Process
    Students have to go through a technical exam and two interview rounds before acceptance.
  • Accessible
    No previous technical experience is required to join the academy.
  • Affordable
    You pay an €800 admission fee. Your employer will pay the remaining tuition fee of €11520.

Our Simple Payment Plan

€ 800 Admission Fee
€ 11520 Tuition Fee Paid by Future Employer

Academy Start Dates

During this 10 week intensive program, you will learn to build complex websites and even multiplayer games with databases, APIs, and modern front-end technology. Our curriculum is based entirely on Full Stack JavaScript.

Please note that our school and admissions office will be closed from Fri Dec 21 2018 to Mon Jan 07 2019.

DatesStart DateEnd dateGet Started
, 2019
, 2019
, 2019
, 2019

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Student Testimonials

Iulia Leancuwas a student

Even though I come from a very different background, I went into the traineeship program with confidence and hope after my admission interview. It was indeed a difficult switch for me, but after my first week at Codaisseur, I have to say it was all worth it! The next 5 weeks were a real roller-coaster of getting acquainted with new technologies and trying to finish up my projects. In the end, if you have the will and patience for it, it's all worth it! The progress you make within an ultimately short period is really measurable. Recommended!

Tom Burcherwas a student

I am so impressed with your whole team and operation. Not only is the business itself a fantastic model the course was great. The fact that you turned me ( codingSkill = null ) into a developer in 10 short weeks is a true testament to how fantastic you guys really are. Although I have a long way to go and there is always room for improvement I honestly have no constructive feedback for you other than keep doing what your doing. The teams energy is awesome and you can be really proud of what you have achieved.

David Kumruwas a student

Having had an almost life-long interest in computers and software, getting accepted into the traineeship program was an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded people, and to learn about real-world programming practices. With their interactive classes about the latest technologies, and by organizing fun group projects, Codaisseur ultimately helped me turn a hobby into a career.

Since 2016, we trained over 200 best-in-class graduates currently working in top companies and startups in Europe.

Here's Where Our Alumni Work

Admission Fee

We work hard to make this course affordable to anyone


INCO & the JP Morgan Chase Foundation

We work hard to make this course affordable to anyone. The admission fee of €800 is the best value for money you will find.

We can make you this offer because we work closely with the companies that will hire you. The company that hires you will pay us back the remainder of your education cost - but only if you get hired in a real paid job.

We are a school, not a payroll company. You will work for these companies directly, and you will choose where you want (and don’t want) to work. Make sure to check out our proposition to employers for the full picture.

INCOJP Morgan Chase Foundation

Codaisseur is a proud partner of INCO Academy. INCO Academy was founded by INCO in 2016. The program is financially supported by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Each scholarship will cover the full €800,- admission fee. Go here for more information.

Should you otherwise not be able to afford the admission fee, we advise you to contact your municipality (gemeente or UWV) to see if they are willing to sponsor the admission fee.

It will be the chance to ask all your questions.

You will learn all of this and more!

From Static Websites to Realtime Multiplayer Games and Native Apps...


HTML brings structure to the content of a web page, while CSS brings styling. We cover all the latest of HTML5 and CSS3, including building responsive pages and flexbox.

2-Year Acceleration Program

Codaisseur has your back!

Job Placement

Get hired in a real job, with a real salary

Having completed the academy, you will be admitted into our 2-Year Junior Acceleration Program. The aim of this program is to provide you with further training, support, and mentorship so you can grow and expand your current skills in a more expedited manner. We achieve this through our monthly advanced classes, one-on-one mentoring hours, support via the Codaisseur community and ongoing access to all online course materials. Not only is this a benefit to our graduates, it has proven to be a valuable support outlet for the companies hiring our juniors.

It is in our best interest that all graduates find suitable employment as a junior developer after the academy; not only do we mean this but our very own model forces us to abide by it. Whilst we provide leads from our ever-growing network of companies, you are more than welcome to solicit directly with a company of their choosing.

We involve companies as much as possible throughout the academy to not only introduce but to make the transition easier and more streamlined for our graduates.

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